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Vietnamese typing method when using VNI style on Unikey


VNI Vietnamese typing method on Unikey is the second universal typing method after Telex. On some software, only VNI typing method can perform Vietnamese typing, so you need to know how to type Vietnamese when using VNI typing method on Unikey to use it when needed.

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First of all to use Unikey type VNI, you need to download this software to your computer. Then you install Unikey on your computer. How to install Unikey is very simple, we have detailed instructions for you on this issue. Talking about VNI, this is a combination typing method, created by VNISoft company and using alphanumeric keys to type accents. On software like Photoshop or Proshow Producer, you can use VNI style to type Vietnamese.

Way gVietnamese typing when using VNI style on Unikey

First, in order to type VNI style on the computer, you need to learn Vietnamese typing table with VNI style and combine the keys together. For users who have not learned Telex style, learning VNI style will be very fast because there is no mistake typing method.

Vietnamese language type


Can be used on any software.

Common, easy to remember, not confused between signs.

Can type in combination of many languages ​​such as English and Vietnamese without confusion.


There are keys that are hard to press far apart. For example, keys a + 8 = ă are quite far apart. As for Telex typing method, a + w = ​​ă is very close and convenient to manipulate. Because you can not repeat typing to type accents, so VNI typing method your hand will have to move quite a lot.

To type VNI you guys turn on Unikey, moved on Typing method to VNI.

Vietnamese language type

Then pay attention letter V icon in the lower right corner. Because only Showing the letter V (Vietnamese) you just can type Vietnamese.

Vietnamese language type

You should practice right on office tools to experiment with this typing method.

Vietnamese language type

Above are instructions on how to type Vietnamese VNI style on Unikey. Hope that the article can help you learn to type Vietnamese more quickly.

If you do not understand Unikey software, you should read what Unikey is and how to use Unikey. Once you know for sure what Unikey is and how to use Unikey, you can use this software most effectively. In fact, to understand Unikey software is not too difficult, because this is a small and simple software for users.
To be able to type Vietnamese when the computer does not have the Internet to download Unikey, or Unikey has an error you can use Vietnamese typing without Unikey. But the way Vietnamese typing without unikey Only used to compose short information, because you need to use the mouse to type text, the operation cannot be as fast as using Unikey. It’s best to use the Unikey software as our guide.



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