Vietnamese typing method in ProShow Gold

Vietnamese typing method in ProShow Gold

You are cherishing yourself an anniversary Video Album. And you have found and downloaded ProShow GoldSoftware can help you do that. However, you do not know how to insert a text with accented text on Video. ElectrodealPro will guide you on how to do this.

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ProShow Gold is a simple photo editor and design software. You can create your own Video Album as family pictures, pictures of friends or simply a Video of your favorite pictures on your computer.

Continuing the articles in ProShow Gold tips, in this article, you will know how to write accented Vietnamese words to insert into Video in ProShow Gold. If you download Proshow Producer And using Vietnamese typing is similar to Proshow Gold

How to write accented text in Proshow Gold


– Your computer has installed ProShow Gold (If not, download ProShow Gold here: Proshow Gold)

– Computer has installed Vietnamese typing program Unikey (If not, you download Unikey here: Unikey)

Step 1: Start Uniley program on your computer (do not use Vietkey because there are errors). Note: If your computer uses Windows 7, it is best to use Unikey version 4.0 RC2 or higher, because lower versions often conflict with Windows 7.

Adjustments in Unikey are as follows:

Code table: VNI ​​Windows
Typing method: Telex

Go Vietnamese in proshow gold

Step 2: Download the set font VNI. Download Full Font

Using the font is very simple, you just need to unzip the downloaded font, copy the entire font and Paste it into the folder C / windows / fonts.

Proshow Gold

Step 3: Open ProShow Gold and open a slideshow just created.

Right click on an image in a Slideshow and select Slide Options.

Step 4: Window Slide Options opens, in the item Captions choose Settings -> Add Captions

Now try to type a Vietnamese text. Attention: the font type is VNI, so you type instead of typeface telex Usually here type in VNI style offline.

Select any VNI font type, here select the font VNI-thuphap

Using ProShow Gold to create video from photos easily, you can perform the same operation on other photos to create a complete Video.
To type accented Vietnamese on the computer, users can choose from many different support tools, Vietnamese typing methods with accents on the computer such as installing Unikey, Viettkey …


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