Vietnamese percussion Unikey, Vietkey on your computer has been deleted, most likely due to this Virus

Vietnamese percussion Unikey, Vietkey on your computer has been deleted, most likely due to this Virus

Recently, the virus “swallows” Vietnamese percussion on your computer nwhu Unikey or Vietkey, so what is that virus, is it harmful or not? To protect your computer, immediately update useful information below.

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So what is the virus that destroys Vietnamese typing software? Is it really that dangerous? According to a security company report, this virus has the ability to destroy Vietnamese percussion as quickly as WannaCry appeared last year. Specifically, this virus will perform the act of deeply interfering with the systems to be concealed, so it is not easily detected through the usual anti-virus scanning tools.

The unikey vietkey tool on your computer has been erased by this virus

How to protect the computer against malicious code “swallowing” Vietnamese percussion

With the feature of this type of malware appearing to be accompanied by a different file system, these files will perform different roles and tasks to increase concealment against defense tools. Anti-malware, in addition they also link together with the server to update their executable files. Finally, they also maintain a running process to increase the ability to mine virtual money on your computer.

All activities of this virus are done implicitly, but when we pay attention during use, we will see that this virus has a flaw that this virus is continuously checked to shut down the process. and delete the file on Vietnamese percussion that we are using as Unikey, Vietkey percussion.

How to fix this malicious software? To destroy this virus is not too complicated, we just need to quickly update Windows to patch versions of vulnerabilities, and experts also recommend that we download and install the MS17-010 patch separately. In addition, in order for the process of detecting malware, viruses affecting the computer, security document files affecting our work, we should regularly update more basic knowledge about security. Security mang to proactively prevent attacks from malicious code, especially when there are signs of strange links, strange addresses, strange mail, we should not click.

What software does malware affect?

– Unikey

– Vietkey

– Zalo

How to prevent malicious code from manually deleting Vietkey, Unikey, and Zalo on the computer

In order to keep your data safe, to prevent malicious code in general and to remove Unikey in general, we recommend to our readers How to prevent malicious code from deleting Vietkey, Unikey and Zalo this
Above is useful information for readers to promptly detect viruses that can harm Vietnamese typing software Unikey or Vietkey on your computer, so that readers can proactively protect their computers Download Free Fee also shared the Top best antivirus software 2018 for you to read and refer to, Top Antivirus software 2018 The best are the software voted by consumers as well as appreciated by experts.


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