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Vietnamese people spend a lot of money to buy tours at tourism fairs

Tourism purchasing power of Vietnamese people is growing very high. The bustle of the International Tourism Fair in Ho Chi Minh City 2018 just ended on 8-9 made this clear.

There are those who do not hesitate to spend billions on buying tours abroad for their families and there are companies selling tours of several tens of billion dongs during the three days of the fair.

According to many travel businesses, now customers come to the fair not only to find information, to see the products but also to buy, not just discount tours but ready to book special tours right here.

“There are customers who book a tour to Europe for a family of 8 people. Especially, customers require a custom-designed tour and use high-class services even though the price is double that of regular tours, up to VND 180 million. / person, “said Ms. Tran Thi Bao Thu, Director of Marketing and Communication Division of Fiditour Tourism Company and said that this customer has made a contract and a half deposit of the tour cost right at the fair.

During the three days of the fair, total sales including frame contracts, deposits and payments amounted to 10.4 billion dong.

Customers find out travel information at the International Tourism Fair in Ho Chi Minh City 2018. Photo: Dao Loan.

Data from the Organizing Committee of the fair also shows that the sales of other companies are also very high. Especially, there is a company like Vietravel with total revenue of up to 33.1 billion dong, Saigontourist Travel Company earning 9 billion dong; Ben Thanh Tourist reached 8 billion VND … Small and medium-sized travel companies also had sales of several hundred million VND such as Tugo Company with about 800 million VND, Nature Company about VND 500 million, Travel Media Company. Vietnam calendar about 400 million, Thuan Phong Company has more than 200 million.

According to the record Reporter’s receipt, bigur most bought here is foreign tours, followed by discount tours. With great purchasing power, Vietnam is becoming a source market for many countries’ tourism.

In this year’s fair, the number of foreign pavilions has grown very high, accounting for half of the total booths instead of just 20-30% as in previous events. These stalls are also places with many big promotions, eye-catching displays and attracting many visitors. Even Korean tourism also makes a large booth to nearly 200m2, bringing the whole art troupe from South Korea to perform, giving customers the service experience, giving gifts to hundreds of customers and taking this opportunity to survey customer psychology to design and promote products.

Đào Loan
* Source: Saigon Economic Times


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