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Vietnamese people have the shortest travel habits in the world

Compared to other countries, Vietnamese have the shortest travel itinerary in the world with 74% of trips lasting only 4 nights or less.

The results are based on the Global Travel Trends Survey conducted by Visa, with the participation of more than 15,000 people from 27 countries worldwide, including Vietnam. The results of the report show that today’s tourists often want to achieve both the goals of “discover” and “enjoy”.

Out of the 5 main motivations of traveling, travelers who feel “enjoy” often go for more bonding with friends and family or simply enjoying their time alone. Visitors who “discover” only tend to experience more new cultures and visit many attractive destinations. Six out of every ten international tourists (63%) say they travel for both of these reasons. The corresponding rate in Vietnam is 72%, which means seven out of ten people.

The study also shows that Vietnamese tourists are the target of the world’s shortest travel. Their last trip, on average, lasted only 4 nights, much shorter than the Asia-Pacific average (7 nights). They choose destinations with an average travel time of 4.5 hours.

Vietnamese people are more interested in exporting abroad than in the country. On average, each Vietnamese tourist will go abroad 5 times in the next 2 years. This number has increased compared to the past 2 years (3.5 flights). In which, Thailand, Korea, Japan and Singapore are the most chosen destinations.

Trips in the region are currently outperforming, with 91% of Vietnamese tourists going to an Asian location in the past two years. These countries will continue to hold their ground for the next two years with the US entering the Top 5.

In particular, Vietnamese tourists are spending more and using cards more often. Each Vietnamese tourist is expected to spend about 1,100 USD in the next trip. On average, on the last trip, they spent only 880 USD. Mr. Sean Preston. Visa directors in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos say that people travel more and spend more on tourism, proving that Vietnam’s economy is growing with the emergence of more and more floors. middle-class and well-off class. Because, those are the subjects interested in international tourism than in the country.

* Source: Investment bridge


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