Vietnamese airlines entered the race of super cheap tickets

In the past two months, all 3 Vietnamese airlines have continuously launched ticket discounts, even bringing tickets to 0 VND for popular flights.

Specifically, Vietjet Air regularly offers discounts on multi-sector tickets to 0 VND.

Most recently, this company launched a discount program on March 18 for many domestic routes or from Vietnam to Seoul and Bangkok for less than 500,000 VND for long distances and gradually reduced to 0 VND for the near ones.


Jetstar Pacific also has a similar move when offering a discount program with the lowest price of only 48,000 VND. Short flights such as Ho Chi Minh City – Da Nang or Ho Chi Minh City – Da Lat have the lowest prices in the Jetstar Pacific discount, while the long ones also cost less than 400,000 VND.

In particular, the company’s overseas trips such as Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City – Guangzhou only have a promotional price of 88,000 VND.

Vietnam Airlines is not out of the race to reduce prices at the beginning of the year. Photo: VNA.

Vietnam Airlines is also not out of the race to reduce ticket prices at the beginning of the year. Although it is not a low-cost airline, the airline still offers very competitive prices for passengers who book tickets from March 15 to March 28 for many popular domestic routes. The reduced ticket price only ranges from 299,000 to 599,000 VND for domestic flights.

With a tax fee of about 400,000 VND for a domestic flight, the “hunting” of cheap tickets from the airline will save passengers about 50-70% on airline tickets.


The ticket price is attractive and the number of online “hunt for tickets” surged, causing the homepage of both Vietnam Airlines and Vietjet Air to record overload, leading to loss of connection.

With Vietjet Air, stretching from January 2018 to now, there have been many times that the airline’s homepage is overloaded, customers repeatedly reflect that they cannot book tickets because the airline’s online ticket distribution channel has “collapsed”.

Also at the time that Vietnam Airlines opened cheap ticket sales, the airline’s homepage had an overload phenomenon, leading to a difficult connection. Many users have to purchase promotional tickets through agencies and pay additional commissions.

Vietjet Air regularly offers promotions and discounts for many flights to 0 VND.

The fact that the home page of the airlines often “collapsed” at the time of promotion shows the huge demand for air travel of Vietnamese passengers.

According to information from the airlines, the implementation of discount programs is part of the business strategy for the whole year. The firms all believe that this is an inevitable activity to develop the number of customers and not to race down prices with competitors.


Also according to an aviation expert told us, price competition between airlines in the beginning of the year helps many customers to easily access air transport. According to this position, it shows that the competitive environment in the aviation industry is healthier.

Ngo Minh
* Source: zing News


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