‘Vietnam won since all players knew how to sing the national anthem’

The impressive victory of Vietnam Tel over Malaysia is attracting the attention of many fans in the region.



Vietnam Tel has just experienced a breathtaking 2-1 victory over Malaysia in the framework of Group G World Cup Qualifier 2022. The goals were scored by Tien Linh and Que Ngoc Hai.

The above victory helps teachers and coaches Park Hang Seo widen the door to continue to the next round. We only need to draw against the UAE team to win tickets to the 3rd VL.

On the homepage of the Asian Football Confederation, many fans in the region have sent their best wishes to Vietnam, in addition to comments sarcastic about Malaysia’s policy of using naturalized players.

Chang Wei Chian fan wrote: “Vietnam has won since all their players know how to sing the national anthem.”

Asian fans mock Malaysian naturalized strikers

Meanwhile, an account named Rodriguez said that this national team coach should step back to work as an assistant to another military leader.

“As a Malaysian NHM, I am sad because the home team lost. But that does not deny the strength of Vietnam Tel. They deserve to win and deserve to go to the 3rd qualifying round.” SH Kua fans commented.

“Mr. Park Hang Seo is very ingenious when he turns ‘tiger’ into ‘paper tiger’. Admittedly, Vietnam has 3 very convincing points. We will cheer for you on the road ahead.” audience Harri said.

The 2-1 victory helped Que Ngoc Hai and his teammates maintain the top position in Group G with 17 points after 7 matches. According to the schedule, the Vietnamese national team will face the UAE on June 15.



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