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Vietnam vs Japan, Watch live football at 20h on January 24, 2019


The quarter-final match between Vietnam and Japan was reported live on the channel of the Vietnamese television station, ceming live football at 20:00 on January 24, 2019 on VTV5 and VTV6. However, there are still many other options to watch Vietnam vs Japan on your computer, laptop or phone.

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The quarterfinal match between Vietnam vs Japan is our result when we were so stellar when we had a convincing victory over Jordan, a highly rated opponent. The Vietnam vs Jordan match lasted 120 minutes and had to be decided by a penalty shootout with a score of 4 – 2 in favor of Vietnam. Will the miracle come to the teachers and students of Park Hang Seo once again against another strong opponent of Asia? Watch live football at 8:00 pm on January 24, 2019 on VTV 5 and VTV 6 as well as how to watch live on the phone. laptop below.

Vietnam vs Japan, watch the football match at 20 o'clock on January 24, 2019

Watch live football Vietnam vs Japan

1. Watch live football on computer

Vietnam vs Japan, watch the football match at 20 o'clock on 24 January 2019 2

To be able to watch Vietnam vs Japan football live on your computer, readers can see the previous tip articles that ElectrodealPro instructed to know how to watch on the channel. VTV5, VTV6 how.

– Way Watch VTV5 on PC.
– Way Watch VTV6 on PC.

2. Watch live football on the phone

Vietnam vs Japan, watch the football game at 20 o'clock on 24 January 2019 3

In addition to watching live on TV or watching Vietnamese vs Japanese football on a laptop, following the instructions above, we can watch it live through mobile applications. VieON, VTV Go good FPT Play or VTV entertainment is completely free with HD quality or higher. So if you don’t have time to watch at home, on your computer or laptop, you can watch Vietnamese vs Japanese football live on your phone.

Download the VTV Go app:

– Download VTV Go for Android here.
– Download VTV Go for iPhone here.

Get the app VTV Entertainment:

– Download VTV Entertainment for Android here.
– Download VTV Entertainment for iPhone here.

Download the FPT Play application:

– Download FPT Play for Android here.
– Download FPT Play for iPhone here.

>> With FPT Play application, readers can see the instructions install FPT Play to watch football online by ElectrodealPro here.
With the above information, ElectrodealPro hope you read, those who love the ball will not miss the opportunity to watch live football Vietnam vs Japan. Another top-notch match for the Vietnamese team, although there are many disadvantages for the Vietnamese team as well as for Japan being a top Asian soccer team. But football and anything can happen, more than that with the passionate cheering of 90 million fans watching football online or at the field will make another miracle.



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