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Vietnam Airlines uses the lawsuit when sending luggage, each person can only have 1 piece of flight in the country, 2 packages of QT

Today, it is reported that Vietnam Airlines allowed to carry on boarding furniture from 12Kg to 18Kg (depending on ticket price). I also want to provide an additional information for you to be relieved, since August 1, 2019, Vietnam Airlines will apply for luggage according to the system, not the system.

What does it mean to send luggage according to the lawsuit?

In the past, we flew free luggage of 20Kg, you liked to pack it into 2 boxes and send it, as long as 2 barrels not more than 20 Kg are still free.

Now, according to the lawsuit system, each person is entitled to only 1 piece of domestic baggage allowance and 2 packages of international flights, from 1 August 2019, to be free of charge as follows:

If you have a Golden Lotus member card, you will still be eligible for the promotion. Each person will be given one more piece, as follows:

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As I know, Vietnam Airlines is currently offering a 50% discount when you buy more luggage when you fly, details when you book online with that part.

Please refer to VietnamAirlines website

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