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Vietnam Airlines lifts hand luggage to 12kg (from 7kg)

Vietnam Airlines said it changed information about hand luggage, checked baggage for customers flying from August, 2019. Hand luggage is no longer limited to 7kg weight that you can carry. heavier hand. Currently a backpack with laptop and some clothes + accessories is already around 8-9Kg, so I think this change is quite good for you to fly VNA.

Specifically, the information is as follows:

Weight of hand baggage when flying (also known as carry on)

The total weight of each piece of hand baggage and personal belongings / accessories must not exceed 18 kg (Special Economy / Merchant class); 12 kg (Economy Class) including accessories and total 3-dimensional dimensions (long, wide, high) cannot exceed 115cm (56cm + 36cm + 23cm).

Along with hand luggage, passengers can carry 1 accessory with a maximum size not exceeding 40 x 30 x 15 cm. In addition, passengers can bring free personal belongings on board.

Ie we are carrying heavier items, however furniture, suitcases and bags still have to carry properly on you guys.

I also reminded you that now flying in the country, we can comfortably bring drinking water, liquid on board, no longer limit the quantity. So you can bring a bottle of water with you when you fly comfortably.

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Weight of checked baggage when traveling by plane:

Each piece of checked baggage must not exceed 23kg (Economy / Special) and 32kg (Business class) and / or 3-dimensional total (long, wide, high) must not exceed 158 cm.

Important Information:

If each piece of baggage exceeds 23kg (Economy class / Special Universal) and 32kg (Merchant), passengers will be required to repack their baggage and pay according to baggage charges at the airport or be loved. demand for goods by goods.

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You can refer to VietnamAirlines website

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