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Vietjet has just booked 20 A321XLRs to expand its international routes, next year there is a direct flight to Ho Chi Minh City – Melbourne

According to the latest announcement from Airbus, Vietjet Air has signed a contract for ordering 20 A321XLRs with Airbus and the first delivery deadline will be 2023.

The contract includes 15 new A321XLRs and converts 5 A321neos under current orders to A321XLR series over the next 3 years.

Airbus said that with a range of 4700 nautical miles (~ 8700 km), the A321XLR will be able to help low-cost carrier Vietjet to reach many markets along Asia or beyond such as Australia and Russia. Avalon Airport in Melbourne has just announced that Vietjet will open direct flights between Ho Chi Minh City and Melbourne right in 2020, which is earlier than the time of the first A321XLR to Vietnam.

Vietjet CEO – Ms. Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao said: "Vietjet has always been a pioneer in exploiting new, modern, advanced and fuel-efficient aircraft models. We are proud to be operating one of the teams. The youngest Airbus aircraft in the world with an average fleet age of only 2.7 years and this has contributed greatly to the success of Vietjet over the years.Once the contract signed today, the new A321XLR will be the perfect upgrade to comprehensively modernize Vietjet Air's fleet in the context that we want to strongly develop the international flight network. "

At the same time, Vietjet Air also signed a new training contract with Airbus Services for flight training for pilots and installing two full flight simulator (FFS) for the new A320 series at the academy. Vietjet Aviation (Vietjet Aviation Academy) in Ho Chi Minh City HCM, so Vietjet will have 3 modern simulation rooms in the near future.

Guillaume Faury, Airbus chief executive, said: "Vietjet is one of the fastest growing airlines in Asia and we are proud of the A321XLR's presence in its fleet. This is a testament to the decision to bring long-haul flight capability into the A321XLR single-row aircraft market, thereby enabling airlines to expand their network of flight routes at the lowest possible cost. Moreover, we are also delighted to further develop cooperation with Vietjet in the field of training. "

Including the above contract, Vietjet has ordered a total of 186 aircraft of the A320 family of Airbus. Currently, Vietjet Air's fleet has about 67 aircraft in operation with 22 A320-200s, 33 A321-200s and 12 A321neo aircraft.

A321XLR is the longest range variant of A321, improved from A321LR to respond to market demand in terms of range and payload, thereby bringing more value to the airlines. XLR stands for Xtra Long Range – represents a maximum range of up to 4700 nautical miles, fuel consumption / seats saving 30% compared to the equivalent aircraft of the previous generation, Airbus said. A320neo is receiving good feedback from the market and as of September this year, Airbus has more than 6650 orders of this aircraft from 110 customers worldwide.

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