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[Video] What about using Galaxy Fold now?

Of the phones that were purchased recently, the Galaxy Fold was asked the most. The Samsung fan wants to try, the girls who love technology also want to touch, and then they go to take out the Galaxy Fold and see the eyes. In general, more attention is paid. iPhone 11 Pro in the middle of the night, the skin of an ostrich skin is so beautiful, 3 oranges are not asked by me … In this article, I share the first things that you feel from the device or from those around.

Big screen
This is the crux of the problem. Big screen experience did not need to say much then. But the big screen that opened and closed like opening a book and pocketing pants like a normal phone was the problem.

Galaxy Fold has two screens. 4 "6 external screen and foldable inner screen size 7" 3. The internal screen has a very square ratio (4.2: 3) compared to most of the current screen of the smartphone world is very vertical (19: 9, 18.5: 9, 21: 9 …) so the total area is very Big compared to the numbers. That means you hear the screen 7 "3 compared to 6" 8 does not seem to be much difference, only 0.5 "but actually the difference is extremely much, I mentally, it is about 165% more than the display area. visa.

Folding operation is very "chảnh"
Once used, fold the device up. While human beings groped the power button to press. That feeling is really divine and fun. It does not save time or anything but the action it comes with is very nice operation and cry. Of course, the surrounding people find it strange and may hate or love

All-in-one mobile device
Read books, watch movies, watch photos, listen to music … no current mobile device can better meet Galaxy Fold holistically.

Differences cause curiosity, attention.
Galaxy Fold is my story with smartphone lovers, Samsung fans, and girls who like technology. Obviously, this time using Galaxy Fold is something very special, very different.

I predict foldable devices like Galaxy Fold will be the future of mobile devices. It will be popular in the future.

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