[Video] Vietnamese youth make their own car with appearance like Ferrari 488 GTB

Vehicle frame

The whole frame is handcrafted with pipe iron, connected together by nut or electric weld. The suspension system uses a dual A-type mechanism, the fork uses a single forks from the rear shock absorber fork of the Yamaha Exciter. The hydraulic drum system is located in the rear wheel and the front wheel is not available. Steering mechanism without power.



After completing the frame, the shaping shell is made of composite plastic, which is the same type of shaping as the composite boats. The first is to shape with a foam / foam, then use a fiberglass mesh to shape and pour the composite resin, after drying it will turn into a shape like plastic sheets, the final finishing step is to smooth and In accordance with the desired shape, surface treatment can be painted.


The wheels of the car are “quite an investment” when you use the Y-shaped multi-spoke wheels, which look very suitable for the car, after finishing in the final video, the wheel set is changed from yellow. to silver-white.



The vehicle has two seats and the seats are Gaming seats, the dashboard is also decorated with items such as motorcycle clock face, recycling switch. The rest is where the gear lever, brake and clutch are arranged (instead of using the clutch pedal like many other cars, you choose the clutch lever to pull by hand).

There are a total of 21 Videos shared in the process of making this car of the Youtube Nhet TV channel, you can visit the channel to see more details of each video.


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