[Video] The levels of civilization in the universe (Kardashev scale)
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[Video] The levels of civilization in the universe (Kardashev scale)

Up to now, mankind has achieved many great scientific achievements. From the time of hunting, gathering until the first steps on the Moon. We have changed a lot of the face of the Earth. But did you know that, compared to the levels of civilization in the universe, we may be just the first steps. And what are those levels?
In 1964, Soviet astronomer Nikolai Kardashev proposed a theory of a civilian development scale based on the amount of energy that civilization could produce. This scale is divided into 3 levels, and the following levels are based on the previous 3 levels to set.

  • Type I: also called planetary civilization. At this first level, civilization has the ability to store and use approximately the amount of energy available on the parent planet. To reach this level, the estimated amount of energy required is 10 ^ 26 W. And based on this number, the formula to determine the level of civilization is calculated using the following formula:


The formula determines the level of civilization

In which, K is the level of civilization, and P is the amount of energy that civilization uses and stores. At present, human estimates are estimated to use approximately 2 x 10 ^ 13 W. This shows that we humans have not yet reached class 1. We are somewhere at 0.73. And according to the physicist Michio Kaku, it will take us another 100 to 200 years to achieve class 1, a few thousand years to reach class 2, and from 100,000 to 1 million years to reach class 3.

Michio Kaku

Type 1 civilization can control the entire planet, such as controlling the weather, changing the planet's geology, and so on. We will even have marine dwellers with higher densities on land. .

  • Type 2: also known as star-level civilization. A type 2 civilization has the ability to absorb all the energy of a star. And in order to absorb this huge amount of energy, they needed a super tool called the Dyson structure.


For ease of understanding, the Dyson structure is a dense system of satellites that envelops the star and draws its energy.

"How to build Dyson structure?" Source: Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell

Type 2 civilization is not only capable of creating this structure, but also able to live within it. There is also control from the planet in the solar system and visiting nearby solar systems.

  • Type 3: also known as galactic-level civilization, has the ability to control the energy of the entire galaxy. Energy extraction at this level is similar to that of type 2, but at a scale of billions of billions of surface systems scattered throughout the galaxy. Civilizations can even get the energy emitted or edged around the black hole at the center of the galaxy. The planets were created and destroyed as rice meal is just for mining. The sun became the "battery" of residents on this civilization.

What will be next?
Many theories have been proposed as type 4 capable of storing and using energy of the entire universe, and type 5 is of many parallel universes. However, because the Kardashev scale only stops at 3 levels, the remaining levels please yield to your imagination;)

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