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[Video] Share about iThong app: to see the traffic violation penalty and much more

Recently, I just found a pretty good app for you to refer to called iThong. This is considered the legal library of the traffic segment. In this app there are many things for you to see, but the most important thing is to see the price of the violation. This app is also clearer and easier to use than some other lookup apps. You see which app is better, then share more below.

I see a lot of people making mistakes, but I do not know how much the error should be, so there are phases of handling situations that go into people’s hearts. For example, the fine of passing a red light is from 600,000 to 1 million dong, a fine of 1.5 million is ok to pay. Thus, brothers and sisters will be very disadvantaged, sweaty money. Yes, there is a penalty but we have to know the price to pay it 😁

In this app there is a menu, which includes: traffic penalties, traffic signs, driver’s license review and news. The main screen is the app that is the traffic ticketing tab, here is divided into all kinds of penalties: from commands, directions to serious errors such as alcohol content, stimulants and other. If you know how the mistake you are making, you can check the penalty directly on the search bar. For motorbike drivers, we check on the motorbike side, while the car is on the car side. If they like, they can type in words, but when they are forced to be too precious to type, they can find the penalty with their voice. I found the part of the search for punishment by voice very good, my voice was half lean and half fat, it sounded very accurate.


There is also an additional guide to viewing traffic signs as well as reviewing for the driver’s license. I don’t need this anymore because I already have a full license. If you do not have it, you can come in to see it. In general, it is very easy to take the test for some driving licenses. Asking 10 people, all 7 people bought the theory, so I personally think that the exam review part is not important.


Any brother who knows about the penalty should share it with his friends. For nothing, you do not have to lose money because not everyone accepts the record. But if you don’t know, just sign the record, it’s your mistake to sign it. Now paying this and other penalties is simple, no longer as difficult as before. : D


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