Video recording on Windows 7 without using the software

Video recording on Windows 7 without using the software

If you like simple, you can completely shoot the video above Win 7 without using any software. This trick is less shared and not everyone knows it. Please refer to the content we share below.

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Currently there are a lot of software to support users to record video, record computer screen video as well as record video games on the computer. There are some famous software such as Camtasia Studio or Bandicam … and many other software.

Camtasia Studio supports users to record screen videos and some games that do not need DirectX installed on the computer. After recording the video with Camtasia StudioYou can edit videos by deleting, adding audio, inserting captions … Exporting to many video formats and MP3 audio files

As for Bandicam, to record video games, you need to install DirectX on your computer, then proceed to record video games, quality is not controversial because Bandicam Record video with highest quality, vivid image and sound.

However, both Camtasio Studio and Bandicam are commercial software, when recording a video will display the name and logo of the software in the video, you need to buy a license to use. In order not to waste time, you can use the built-in Problem Steps Recorder tool in Win 7 to record video.

Please refer to the content below to know how to record video on Win 7 without using the software.

Download and install Win 7

Step 1: Go to Start then type Problem Steps Recorder to open the software.

Screen recording of Win 7 without memo software

Step 2: Click the button Start Record to start recording.

Win 7 video recording without phan mem

Step 3: Press Stop Record to stop recording.

Windows 7 desktop video recording without memo software

Step 4: In each recording operation, if you want to note something you click Add Comment.

Win 7 video recording without phan mem

Step 5: After you have finished recording, you need to choose where to save it. The saved file has a Zip extension. After extracting the file extension with the .MHT format, you can review this file whenever you want.
The steps to record video on Win 7 without using the software are simple like that. You only have very basic functions when using Problem Steps Recorder. If used regularly and professionally, we recommend screen video recording with Camtasia Studio to get high quality video games.


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