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[Video] On the hands of Xiaomi Mi Watch before the launch date

Over the past few days, we've been seeing quite a lot of leaks about Xiaomi's new smartwatch, expected to be called the Mi Watch.

Today, a video on the hands of the Mi Watch has been suddenly posted online and thanks to that we have more interesting information about this smartwatch.

According to Gizmochina, the new Mi Watch video shows the design of this product as well as the interface it uses. In the video, we can see the user scrolling through the apps in the "App Drawer" and clicking on an app to watch the video.

Previously, it was reported that Xiaomi's upcoming smartwatch will use Xiaomi Wear chipset, support eSIM, 4G LTE network connection, NFC and integrated smart virtual assistant.

The Xiaomi Mi Watch is expected to run a customized version of Google's Android Wear operating system, possibly named "Mi Wear" OS. The design of this product looks quite similar to the Apple Watch with a rectangular face design, with slightly rounded corners. In particular, Mi Watch also has a knob and a button on the side identical to the Apple Watch.

Unfortunately, the price of this smartwatch has not been disclosed.

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