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[Video] Make Mac Pro barrels from wood

Not delicate!

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This friend is still wandering around the village of the village, he likes to talk to North Korea. Producing furniture on industrial wood materials, processed wood is much different from what you see and say.

Typically, carpentry workshops in Vietnam have processed wood materials into finished wood products (wood meat) before processing (forming, assembling) products used. At present, there are countless carpentry workshops producing and processing on industrial wood, pressed wood, MDF … and invested in machinery up to several tens of billion to hundred billion dong.

The air suction system, dust, and humus are assembled in a closed manner, even leading to recycling workshops, humus presses to form pressed wood and back to the processing factory.

To design a system of sawdust dust extraction when producing household scale is not difficult. Existing large-capacity suction engines are sold a lot (especially the domestic 2nd engine), installed according to the principle of vacuum cleaner with the path of cloth bag …

You can only say that you like the images above and see it beautiful, it's clean but you're not in the industry, it's not so good to say something like that, then I say the first comment, "you haven't gone out of the village. but like to talk in North Korea "

Give you a Channel for Carpentry to watch and meditate (The only channel for Carpenter I personally think that while watching can meditate – close your eyes and watch "well"), do not "be" anymore: https: // www.youtube.com/channel/UC7FkqjV8SU5I8FCHXQSQe9Q


Days of a made-to-order furniture maker.注注文



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