[Video] iPhone 2020 no rabbit ears, what do you think?

[Video] iPhone 2020 no rabbit ears, what do you think?

In just 2 months, iPhone 11 has already been released. But rabbit ears still exist. What about later iPhone lives? Are rabbit ears still there?

According to Credit Suisse, the iPhone will no longer have rabbit ears in 2020. But according to Apple Ming Chi Kuo's cathedral, it was different, simply a smaller rabbit ear, but still a long way away. So who is reliable?

Team Nè N synthesized information to make it easier for people to follow the image. What do you think, when rabbit ears disappear on iPhone?

Done by tracking the group's page. Page did a lot of clips, like a virtual reality review, entered the Oculus Quest, then compared the Gopro 7 and Osmo Action, Iphone XR review, review S10, and then review Osmo Pocket, who Like to watch again, just watch and follow to increase your group subs! Thank you.


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