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[Video] Electric car MINI Cooper S E alone weighs the Boeing 777F

The fully electric MINI Cooper S E has just had an impressive performance before the official launch date. In the BMW Group's video posted on Facebook, the beautiful small electric car made a move to move a Boeing 777F with a weight of over 144 tons (excluding goods). At the same time, the display of power at Frankfurt Airport more or less helps us better understand the appearance of the MINI Cooper S E commercial version.

Basically, the Cooper S E was developed based on the design of the brother Cooper 3-door hatchback. The difference in the front grille is designed as a cladding instead of metal bars or honeycomb versions in the internal combustion engine versions. In addition, multi-spoke wheels have a yellow logo of MINI Electric – a branch of electric cars of MINI. If compared to the previous advertising pictures of MINI, this Cooper S E looks simple and less futuristic.

Currently, although there is no official information about the power transmission system, it is likely that Cooper S E will share the electric motor platform, battery from BMW i3s and be fine-tuned to match the front-drive system. The predictions suggest that this engine will provide a maximum capacity of 181 horsepower and a maximum torque of 270 Nm. At the same time, the Cooper S E may have 2 battery capacity options similar to i3s, 42.2 kWh (120 Ah lithium-ion battery) or 21.6 (60-lithium-ion battery battery). The maximum travel range for each full charge can be up to 345 km.

MINI Cooper S E will most likely be introduced around the second half of this year, when the company celebrates its 60th anniversary. The price of cars in the US market is estimated at about $ 38,000.


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