Video Capture: The 15 Best Video Captures and Animations

Video Capture: The 15 Best Video Captures and Animations

We usually use screensavers when we want to make a presentation video, or a video in which we have highlighted what we want to highlight. Here are 13 free programs we have chosen exclusively for this purpose.


One could simply say that it is by far the best and simplest freeware for recording games or other activities on our computer and even with audio support. Simply put, with just one click, you record the game or application you want and comment on it. How to use it is very simple, once you have installed the application run it and simply select from the Record Games field the game or application you want to record and click the record button or F6 to start recording.

Now if you want to comment on what is being recorded click on the microphone icon and press F6 to start recording. You can stop it at any time with the same key. The only downside to the application is that it records in AVI format which means that the resulting video files will be large in size. However, this is not a problem since with a simple video conversion application (we have published dozens) you can convert it to whatever type of video file you want.


Captura is a completely free image and video capture application. The source code for Captura is available on GitHub under the terms of the MIT license. Take ScreenShots or take videos of your desktop or individual parts of the screen and check recordings from the keyboard even when Captura is in System Tray using Configureable Hotkeys. It supports Input, Output Mix and enables you to enable WebCam in your recordings which makes it ideal for presentations.


100% free video screen software that can help you record your online activity and create educational videos. It includes options for recording menu options, cursor movements, displaying windows and everything else you see on the screen. It’s simple to use and saves your videos as AVI / WMV video formats. However, you can still make a demo video from your computer screen and add the voice from a microphone.


ShowMore is a free online application that can help us record video and audio on our computer. To facilitate your recording, it provides you with a variety of audio inputs, including computer system audio, microphone or both .

Besides, you will have options to capture your computer screen in any custom area or full screen, capture only the webcam.

During viewing, you can do some real-time editing on the recording. This can be easily done by adding annotations such as arrows, lines, text, shapes, etc. Therefore, you can mark or add a note to any part of the recording to make the video more lively. Once you’re done with recording, screencast can be saved as high quality video in various formats such as MP4, WMV, AVI, FLV, MPEG, VOB and ASF.

Additionally, if you want to capture smaller screen activity for interactive seminars, then you can use ShowMore to capture the screen as a GIF. the recording feature provided allows you to easily record on-screen activity on the computer, including playing games, online tutorials, etc. Finally, it also enables you to upload videos directly to the cloud space provided by ShowMore for easy access and management. To run the application click on the Record button.


Sometimes we need a small simple capture program to capture some snapshots of our work on the computer as animations. GifCam may be the only program that approaches these features with such simplicity and without any installation on your computer. Just run the GifCam icon and adjust its size to fit the screen size you want to capture. The application also supports some configuration settings before saving the file. Run the program and select by tapping on the windows the size of the surface you want to capture and press Rec to start recording, and then stop to stop. Before saving your file to your computer you can select the final quality of Gif Animation either by recording it in full or monochrome or by limiting the number of colors in our file. No installation required.


Record your desktop and save it directly to Gif Animation. You can move the window to record whatever you want to remove any unwanted frames, select a folder to save your file, or just let the program save to the desktop and adjust the size in the application window accordingly with what you want to record.


Handy capture application that lets you create simple and fast screenshots with a single key press and save to the most classic image formats or as a GIF. Finally, move, resize, or modify the designs you add.


Simple, free screen capture software Screencast-O-Matic is one of the best programs of its kind that is trusted by millions of users to record their computer screen activity and create short tutorials, visual presentations and recordings. In its free version you can record up to 15 minutes of video.


VClip is a free application that makes a difference, mainly because of its simplicity. It’s a very simple application through which we can ‘capture’ a short video with audio. It can also export the generated file to many video file formats and animations such as MP4, WebM, OGG, AVI, GIF and comes with 3 fps recording options (15.25,30). All you have to do is simply run it and select the one you want to record. The application is completely portable which means no installation required.


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