Video: 5 tips to avoid ruining your laptop battery

Improper use of your laptop can drastically reduce battery life. To play and work longer on your computer, here are our 5 tips.

1. Never (or almost) under 25%

When your laptop is not plugged in, avoid letting the battery discharge below 25%.

You can determine the minimum level in the advanced management settings of your laptop.

2. Recalibrate the charge indicator

About once a month, discharge the battery to 5-10%. This is the only exception to the “never under 25%” rule. Thus, the charge indicator will maintain its accuracy.

3. Avoid the heat

Batteries degrade more quickly above 35 ° C. You must therefore avoid blocking the ventilation openings of the laptop to allow air to circulate. For example, in the covers of a bed, the openings are blocked.

4. Unplug your computer

Don’t leave your computer always plugged in!

“Every four months or so, you have to unplug your laptop to make it do a full discharge and recharge cycle,” says Frédéric Nabki, professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering, École de technologie supérieure de Montréal.

5. Buy an original brand battery

If you need to replace the battery, avoid purchasing a generic battery. Instead, choose one from the original brand. It will have a better lifespan.

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