Victory by the Democratic Party of America and the Pyrros of the United States

Victory by the Democratic Party of America and the Pyrros of the United States

(International relations) – “Capitol Storm” has made many people less illusion about “democracy, human rights” package of US export.

The ladder of the US and Pyrros of the United States
America was returned the “democracy, human rights” export package

With that said, in the White House boss contest, until today, the US Democratic Party has won. Mr. Biden was officially recognized by the US Congress as the 46th President of the United States. The US Republican Party has lost heavily and it will be difficult to recover in the next elections, while former US President Donald Trump, his political life is over.

However, to win the election, the type of Mr. Donald Trump, the US Democratic Party and “Deep State” did not foresee its consequences. It was the victory of the Democratic Party of America, of the “Deep State” but a victory of PYRROS (a victory that caused terrible losses to the winner) of America …

The consequences after the “Capitol Storm” can be said to make the world surprising and very interesting …

1, the US popularization, impose democracy on the nations of the world but not the United States itself. It’s like a commodity that the US exports, not domestically.

Firstly, we see the last protest in America, which was objectively “peaceful”. Without looting, attacking the police, a group of extremists broke into the National Assembly building but “got directions” …

Obviously, in terms of the dangerous nature of the case, it is extremely gentle compared to the cases that the US promotes, honors, and considers heroic acts of fighting for freedom occurring in other countries such as Ukraine, Belaruss. … However, in America this act of “democracy” was considered by the US government to be a riot and terror to the state. The attitude of “most important, most contemptuous”, this double standard makes no one admire …

MondayWhen the protests had some extremists burst into the National Assembly building, the President of the House of Representatives, the Vice President, immediately asked the Pentagon to intervene. Of course, no one is surprised, but the US “exports”, encourages, and imposes the democratic standard of “the politicization of the military” to other countries. Accordingly, if certain parties and organizations protest, riot to overthrow the government, the army must sit still in the barracks.

Tuesday, The US “exported” the package of “human rights” including freedom of speech, freedom of the press … but, in the “Capitol Storm” even the current President was also “silenced” publicly by order of the Citizen Party. The owner and probably of the “Deep State” should try to ask a short-throated citizen who has the right to “free speech” against the ruling American Democratic Party?

The press organization must be independent, objective, and honest … but because the US Democrats control the entire major US media system, most of the American press support and propaganda one way for the People’s Party. master.

Wednesday, America and the West are also promoting the preeminence of the “three-right separatist” state democracy, which means that the Legislative, Judiciary and Executive must exist independently, as a model for nations. This is very good, but if it is just that, then the risk of LOAN-sprouts will happen (for the sake of America creating chaos when needed).

But not so in America, Legislative, Judiciary, Executive operate independently but UNDER THE DIRECTIONS OF “DEEP STATE”.

See, the Republican Party and President Trump’s staff have a lot of evidence of election fraud, about 2,000 pages of documents denouncing the incident, but the State Courts, the Federal Supreme Court have abandoned outside the ear. Why? Because Democrats and “Deep State” do not allow, that’s all. End.


America is very interesting and funny. They just “export” something they can’t eat to other countries. Why? Because that “export package” is always the risk of creating a DEATH. That “controlled chaos” is a great strategic thought of the American military and political elite.

2, Obviously, with the interesting things of the United States that were hidden by the “Capitol Storm”, leaving behind a naked image and body, making many people have long-standing delusions about “The Lighthouse of Democracy and Human Rights. … of the World on Capitol Hill, inadequate, surprised and “hurt” big, speechless …

Starting from here, the Americans and the US government will no longer easily promote to “export” American democracy, human rights and freedom. Perhaps starting from here, the “color revolutions” are no longer simple, it will be much more difficult because “street forces” will be used by the government, the security is stronger and more drastic. much … American-style learning used in the country. Are not .

After the “Capitol Storm” event (the US export “democracy, human rights” package returned) some countries will thank and draw for themselves many useful lessons and some people will lessen the illusion. the idea of ​​a democracy, human rights … of America was “exported”.

  • Le Ngoc Thong


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