Victo Ngai: If you have to be honest when drawing, why don't we take a picture?  3 minutes

Victo Ngai: If you have to be honest when drawing, why don’t we take a picture? 3 minutes

Victo Ngai grew up and built a career between the two European and Asian cultures of the US and Hong Kong. She graduated from Rhode Island School of Design, majoring in illustration.

Victo Not a common male name with a lack of words r but a nickname she took from “Victoria”- demonstrates the British colonial heritage of her homeland Hong Kong.

Female illustrators have collaborated with major clients such as New York Times, New Yorker, American Illustration, Communication Arts, Spectrum, Society of Illustrator New York, … and won many medals and awards. She was on the Forbes 30 Under list, for the field of Art and Style.

In addition to drawing, the biggest passion of Victo is traveling and eating. She hopes that one day she will have enough money to travel the world and taste the cuisines of all cuisines.

The illustrations of Victo lots of detail, full of lively energy with weird, magical creatures.

Victo Prefers pencil sketching and digital coloring, as just hand drawing does not allow the continuous editing operations that customers normally require. But she will never give up the starting point of the pencil.

If you only work with digital tools, it can sometimes make you feel reassured that everything is going to be perfect. In the end, the product might look a bit “dead” again.

The Drawings of Victo imaginative, comes from her great sensitivity and is metaphor for specific topics.

I don’t think I need to be very honest with the world in which we live when drawing about it. If so, why not take a photo?

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