Verbit Review: Your next closed captioning service? review
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Verbit Review: Your next closed captioning service? review

Verbit is a voice-to-text platform that uses a combination of AI technology and a team of human transcriptionists to help businesses and organizations efficiently access the information stored in their media files. With more than 15,000 human transcriptionists working behind the scenes and patent pending technology to speed up captioning and transcription, Verbit has a lot to offer.

During our Verbit review, it became clear to us that Verbit is a performer compared to most other text-to-speech applications. It is one of the best text-to-speech software available today. And, for many organizations, the powerful science behind it will translate into serious benefits in terms of project rotation and transcription accuracy.

Verbit: Plans and Pricing

Verbit has five separate text-to-speech packages. Each is for a separate market, with plans for corporate learning, media production, education and court reporting. The main distinction between these is that some only offer basic transcription while others also include a closed captioning service. Closed captioning means that the transcribed text is time stamped and can be used to create video captions.

Verbit prices are available on quotation only. (Image credit: Verbit)

Because Verbit is a corporate platform that works exclusively with organizations, it does not advertise a predefined rate for its services. When we got in touch to find out more, a Verbit representative assured us that Verbit’s rates are very competitive compared to other platforms that use human transcriptionists. They also informed us that Verbit costs per audio minute are discounted when a large volume of work is requested.

Verbit: Specifications

The Verbit platform gives you access to advanced voice recognition AI technology that speeds up the transcription process and delivers results faster than would be possible with a human-only transcription service.

Verbit can connect to many different online platforms. (Image credit: Verbit)

When you transcribe audio with Verbit, its AI algorithms adapt to the unique signatures of the sound file by developing acoustic, linguistic and contextual event models. This allows Verbit to reduce background noise, recognize accents, and select terms related to current hot topics.

Throughout the transcription process, you can keep control of your work with real-time status updates accessible through the Verbit Cloud portal. In addition, Verbit offers integrations with many third-party services so that you can easily share the results.

Verbit: Configuration

Submitting a transcription request to Verbit is an extremely simple process and requires no technical knowledge. The first step is to open an account by contacting the Verbit team through a Contact Us portal. Based on your conversation, Verbit will offer you a rate for your transcription work and, if you agree, will open an account for you.

As part of the configuration process, you will need to contact Verbit directly. (Image credit: Verbit)

To start a transcription, simply upload an audio file to the Verbit Cloud account that has been assigned to you. Verbit’s AI technology will transcribe it and two human transcriptionists will verify the results. As soon as the process is complete, you can download the finished work in a convenient file format.

Verbit: Interface

The Verbit interface is modern and pleasantly easy to use. On the home screen, you’ll find a list of your transcription work in a list that, at a glance, tells you the status and completion date of each. Helpfully, an Inaudible Number column is also included, where Verbit human transcriptionists can alert you to the presence of an unintelligible dialog.

The Verbit Cloud home page is designed so that you can instantly see the status of all tasks. (Image credit: Verbit)

To start a new transcription job, just click on a handy yellow plus sign in the lower right corner of the screen. This allows you to upload new audio or video files to your account. Meanwhile, at the bottom left, you will find a chat portal where you can speak with a support agent if you have any problems.

Verbit: Performance

During our Verbit review, we were pleasantly surprised by the level of accuracy achieved by Verbit after processing our test audio samples. We have uploaded a range of different documents, including public lectures and court recordings, and Verbit has certainly reached its 99% accuracy rate, as we have been unable to identify the errors.

We were impressed with Verbit’s precision in complex dialogues. (Image credit: Verbit)

This level of performance is probably due to the tight configuration of Verbit. Once the downloaded audio has been analyzed by Verbit AI, a human editor scans it to detect errors and things in order. After that, a second supervisor gives your transcript one last time to be absolutely sure that no errors have occurred.

We were also impressed with the performance of the Verbit user interface when playing captioned videos. Once the full transcript is added, the timestamp means that words are highlighted in real time during reading, and convenient controls allow you to change reading speed, adjust audio presets and even search for words or specific sentences.

Verbit: Support

When requesting a professional transcription, it is important that everything is done transparently so that you can use your finished text as soon as possible. That’s why customer support is essential, and Verbit definitely stands out in this regard.

You can learn more about how to apply Verbit technology through insightful webinars. (Image credit: Verbit)

All Verbit accounts have access to a dedicated customer success manager so that you have a consistent point of contact for any queries that arise. But if your manager is not online, Verbit’s live chat service is available 24/7 to handle urgent issues. Webinars are also available on the Verbit site, and you can use them to learn more about how transcription works in different industries.

Verbit: final verdict

During our Verbit review, it became clear that this platform provides a unique service by combining the speed of speech recognition AI with accuracy that can only be achieved by human-verified transcription. Verbit not only provides incredibly accurate transcripts, but also provides you with useful tools for captioning videos, finding key dialogs, and sharing your content via external application integrations.

The competition

Verbit offers a turnaround time of around four hours, which means it’s more appropriate to compare it to human-verified transcription services like GoTranscript, which itself has a minimum lead time of six hours to fully human-generated transcripts. GoTranscript has an advantage over Verbit when it comes to multilingual content thanks to foreign subtitling and translation packages. However, in some specialized areas, Verbit is obviously the best platform with features designed specifically to assist in court depositions, closed captioning for students with hearing loss and real-time transcription and closed captioning.

Learn more about Verbit’s competition in our guide to the best text-to-speech software.

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