Venture Capital Daily | "Yuanxin Technology" received 3 billion yuan in Series E financing; "Changmu Valley" received 120 million yuan in Pre-B round of financing; and early projects worthy of attention today

Venture Capital Daily | “Yuanxin Technology” received 3 billion yuan in Series E financing; “Changmu Valley” received 120 million yuan in Pre-B round of financing; and early projects worthy of attention today

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Please check the Venture Capital Daily Report on February 9. The Venture Capital Daily contains the financing news reported by the “36Kr Venture Capital Channel” today, as well as the early start-up projects in various fields we are paying attention to, enjoy~

Medical treatment

Financing disclosure:

  • 36氪 debut丨Sinopharm Capital lays out the midstream track of the dental industry, “Sinopharm Dental” completes hundreds of millions of yuan in Series A financing

36 Krypton learned that “Sinopharm Dental” has recently completed hundreds of millions of yuan in Series A financing. This round of financing was led by Huaxing New Economic Fund, and Deutsche Capital followed suit. The funds raised in this round of financing will support “Sinopharm Oral” to increase its midstream channel integration and in-depth layout of business co-construction under China’s DSO model, bringing more resources to the innovative business and consumer ends of “Sinopharm Oral” and realizing the “Sinopharm Oral” “Oral” has transformed from a distributor to a one-stop dental service provider.

“Sinopharm Dental” was established in October 2017. It is the layout of the oral market by Sinopharm Capital using capital business integration strategy. The company is committed to the integration of national channel resources in the dental industry, and builds a Chinese-style DSO oral vertical field one-stop empowerment platform around private dental clinics and medical care. At the same time, it is involved in consumer business and created the consumer professional dental brand “Ai Chi Yi” ……(For more information, please click here)

  • 36 krypton debut | Orthopedic AI and surgical robot wave has arrived, “Hagi Valley” received 120 million yuan in Pre-B round of financing

36 Krypton learned that the orthopedic artificial intelligence and surgical robot company “Changmu Valley” recently completed a 120 million yuan Pre-B round of financing. This round of financing was led by Yuanhe Yuandian, and Yuansheng Ventures, Lenovo Star and Shenzhen Xinchuang jointly For investment, Triumph Capital continues to act as the exclusive financial advisor. The proceeds from this round of financing will be mainly used to accelerate the research and development and clinical trials of orthopedic surgical robots, accelerate the market promotion of orthopedic artificial intelligence products, and prepare for global registration and market promotion… (For more information, please click here)

  • 36氪 First Release | To create a new digital infrastructure for medical drug payment, “Yuanxin Technology” received 3 billion yuan in Series E financing

36氪 learned that Beijing Yuanxin Technology Group (hereinafter referred to as “Yuanxin Technology”) has completed 3 billion yuan of E round of financing. This round is another round of financing six months after the completion of the D round of financing in June 2020. Sequoia Capital China Fund and Tencent jointly led the investment, and CITIC Securities, CICC Capital, OrbiMed, Qiming Venture Capital, Kunling Capital, Gopher Assets, E Fund, etc. participated in the investment, and Index Capital served as the exclusive financial advisor.

It is reported that this round of financing will be used to enhance the company’s competitive advantages in the fields of Internet healthcare, medication management, and health insurance, and to strengthen the ecological service capabilities of “medical-patient-medicine-insurance”.

Yuanxin Technology was established in 2015 and is headquartered in Beijing. After nearly 6 years of development, it has established 4 major business segments including Miaoshou Doctor, Yuanxin Medical Technology, Yuanxin Pharmacy, Yuanxin Huibao, etc., covering the three major scenarios of medical treatment, medication and payment. Comprehensive service platform…… (For more information, please click here)

  • 36氪 First Release | Hundreds of millions of yuan in A round of financing, “The Best Only New” to accelerate the gene therapy pipeline

Recently, the gene therapy company Sichuan Zhishan Weixin Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Zhushan Weixin”) announced that it has completed a round of financing of hundreds of millions of yuan. This round of financing is led by Zhengxingu Capital. Morningside Group, Germany Lian Capital, Junshi Biology, and Lei Mei Ruisi jointly participated in the investment, the old shareholder Sichuan Talent Fund continued to raise the capital, and Haoyue Capital served as the exclusive financial advisor for this round of financing.

Established in 2018, Zhishan Weixin is a gene therapy company focusing on the development and production of rAAV gene drugs. The treatment field covers blood diseases, rare diseases, etc… (For more information, please click here)

  • 36氪 First Release | Let the invisible correction of teeth “beautiful immediately”, “Dijia Medical” received tens of millions of strategic investment from Opcom Fund

36 Krypton learned that “Dijia Medical” (US Immediately) recently announced the completion of a strategic financing of tens of millions of yuan. This round was invested by the China United Op Medical Health Fund of the listed company Opcom (300595.SZ) and WinX Capital Kaicheng Capital Acting as a financial advisor.

Prior to this, Dijia Medical received investment from Boyuan Capital in 2020, in 2019 it received round B and A rounds of investment from CITIC Capital and Yahui Investment, and in 2016 it received an angel round investment from Century Changhe Group.

A neat mouthful of teeth is becoming a new trend. On the billboards in the streets and on the social platforms of celebrities, invisible orthodontic figures appear more and more frequently in people’s lives. Thanks to the popularization of 3D orthodontic technology, people’s stereotypes of orthodontics have changed greatly. Orthodontics are no longer exclusive to “Steel Tooth Girl” and “Iron Man”. Invisible orthodontics can be fashionable and healthy. Pronouns… (click here for more information)

  • Expanding the research and development of innovative orthopedic products, “Kangsheng Medical” completed more than 100 million yuan C round of financing

It is reported that “Kangsheng Medical” has recently completed a series C financing of more than 100 million yuan. This round of financing was led by Tongchuang Weiye, followed by Dongfang Fuhai, Jiuquan Development, Shanghai Yuhan, and Suzhou Weikang. This is the company’s another round of strategic financing after Shenzhen Venture Capital’s B round of financing in January 2020.

This round of financing will be used to: continue to increase investment in spine minimally invasive products, such as intervertebral foraminoscope equipment and supporting tools, under-lens consumables, spine, traumatic new materials, new technology products, such as cobalt chromium molybdenum, hydroxy phosphorus R&D and production of innovative products such as greystone-enhanced PEEK; expand and optimize the construction of marketing network channels, enhance the brand influence of Kangsheng, and break the monopoly of multinational companies in the high-end orthopedic medical market; for the domestic The capital market IPO process lays the foundation… (For more information, please click here)

Project report:

  • Dissolvable microneedle drug delivery technology set off a “revolution” in medical beauty, and “Qinglan Bio” achieved mass production

As the third largest route of administration after oral and injection, transdermal administration (a method of “applying the drug to the skin”) has significant advantages, including avoiding the first pass effect of the liver and continuously controlling the rate of administration It is painless and non-invasive, and can give patients a good experience while effectively administering. “Transdermal drug delivery” has therefore become the new focus of major pharmaceutical companies.

Among all transdermal drug delivery methods, dissolvable microneedles are a more popular way. It penetrates the stratum corneum of the skin to reach the epidermis, absorbs the tissue fluid in the epidermis, and then dissolves and releases it, and passes through the lymphatic circulation and blood circulation. Associated, the delivery of pharmaceutical ingredients to the lesion site for treatment is a brand-new drug delivery technology and method, which has the advantages of safety, painless, convenient, and quantitative release.

The startup company “Qinglan Bio” recently contacted by 36Kr has launched an important layout in this field. This company was established in July 2020 and has now built 3 production lines, with a single line output of 4 million sticks/month and an annual output of 150 million sticks.

Dr. Jiang Lin, the founder of “Qinglan Bio”, said that microneedle drug delivery technology is a platform technology, whether it is active ingredients of drugs or cosmetics, it can be given to the human body through this drug delivery technology, so as to play a better role. . To this end, the company has horizontally developed a variety of microneedle products, such as freckle patch, wrinkle patch, weight loss patch, hair growth patch, etc… (For more information, please click here)


Financing disclosure:

  • 36 krypton debut | cut into the eye makeup market with soft magnetic eyelashes, “Yuetong” received tens of millions of yuan in Pre-A round of financing

36Kr was informed that the eye makeup brand “Yuetong” completed a Pre-A round of financing of tens of millions of yuan, led by Magic Capital, and Fengwu Capital followed the investment. This round of financing will be used to improve the supply chain, increase production, and expand offline stores.

Yuetong was established in 2017, with soft magnetic eyelashes as its main product. It first tested the water in the US market and then returned to China. It has reached 200,000+ users worldwide. The founder Zhao Weisheng told 36 krypton that the beauty eyelash industry has been ignored by the giants. In addition to the original glue false eyelash users, there are actually users who plant eyelashes. A conservative estimate is that there are 400 soft magnetic eyelashes in China. About 100 million market…… (For more information, please click here)


Financing disclosure:

  • “First-class technology” focused on the development of a new generation of deep learning framework, completed 50 million yuan A round of financing exclusively led by Hillhouse Ventures

After four years of development of first-class technology, the R&D team has expanded from 3 to 40, and completed the world’s rare deep learning framework-OneFlow that can support ultra-large-scale deep learning model training, and the AI ​​open platform for users-OneBrain . Yuan Jinhui said that OneFlow and OneBrain are universal and can solve most of the problems encountered in various industries, not just solving specific problems. First-class technology deep learning products have completely independent intellectual property rights, have obtained more than ten invention patents, and have four core technologies of automatic data model hybrid parallelism, static scheduling, decentralization and full-link asynchronous streaming execution, which solves the problem of heterogeneous The big data, big model, and big computing challenges faced by training large-scale deep learning models on distributed clusters. In the “First Round of Open Source Deep Learning Software Framework Test Report” released by the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology in May 2020, the performance indicators of the OneFlow framework are significantly ahead of foreign products under the same algorithm and hardware conditions… (For more information, please click here)

Venture Watch

  • Krypton | Soul bargaining can’t kill a good company, 800 billion “medical equipment” is still a 100% good track

In 2020, China’s medical equipment experienced a rare moment, and the enthusiastic wave was mixed with cold warnings. This is the most opportunity year. Under the new crown epidemic, domestic medical device companies have achieved high performance. This was the most challenging year. For the first time, medical equipment was collected and the price plunged and dropped more than industry expectations.

This year’s ice and fire have accelerated the reshuffle of the “leftover” as king.

In 2021, the violently volatile high-value consumables track, price diving will be staged. The mass procurement of medical insurance has forced companies with weak comprehensive strength to withdraw from the stage of history, and industry reforms have encouraged innovation.

In 2021, the rapid growth of the in vitro diagnostic circuit will continue. The stimulus of the epidemic has led to explosive growth in in vitro diagnostic products for the new crown virus. The industry leader’s net profit has increased by 9 to 12 times year-on-year. Several companies have received admission tickets to the market. The future is based on the long-term logic of precision medicine and the gold of in vitro diagnostics. The track is still ten years away.

In 2021, the newly emerging medical robot track will accelerate the progress of domestically produced alternatives. The first orthopedic surgical robot company appeared on the Sci-tech Innovation Board, which confirms the possibility of capital withdrawal. The situation of high-priced monopoly by overseas brands is being rewritten at an accelerated pace… (For more information, please click here)

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