Venture Capital Daily | "Xiantong Pharmaceutical" received 320 million yuan in D round of financing; "Baby Glutton" completed over 100 million yuan in A and A+ rounds of financing; and early projects worthy of attention today

Venture Capital Daily | “Xiantong Pharmaceutical” received 320 million yuan in D round of financing; “Baby Glutton” completed over 100 million yuan in A and A+ rounds of financing; and early projects worthy of attention today

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Please check the Venture Capital Daily Report on February 23. The Venture Capital Daily contains the financing news reported by the “36Kr Venture Capital Channel” today, as well as the early start-up projects in various fields we are paying attention to, enjoy~

Medical treatment

Financing disclosure:

  • 36氪 First Release | Radiation Targeted Diagnosis and Treatment, “Xiantong Pharmaceutical” Receives 320 Million Yuan D in Series

36 Krypton learned that the radioactive targeted diagnosis and treatment company “Xiantong Pharmaceutical” recently announced the completion of 320 million yuan of D round of financing. In July 2020, Xiantong Pharmaceutical announced that it has completed a 280 million yuan C round of financing invested by strategic partners such as Tongfu Innovation Industry Investment Fund and Sinopharm Capital, and a total of 600 million yuan of financing has been completed within 6 months.

This round of financing was led by CICC Qide Fund, a subsidiary of CICC Capital, with participation in investment by Langmafeng Venture Capital, Longmen Venture Capital, Panya Investment, and Deyi Capital. At the same time, the existing shareholder Lotus Pond Fund continued to increase its holdings. The funds raised this time will continue to be used for the preclinical development and clinical research of therapeutic and diagnostic radiopharmaceutical projects. Yikai Capital acted as the exclusive financial adviser for this round of financing of Xiantong Pharmaceutical… (For more information, please click here)

  • 36Kr First Release | The pharmaceutical outsourcing market surges, and the international CDMO “Bionno Bio” received nearly 100 million yuan of Pre-A round of financing

36氪 learned that the international biomedical CDMO company “Beinno Bio” recently announced the completion of a pre-A round of financing of nearly 100 million yuan. Tigermed and Taiyu Investment jointly led the investment, Dongzheng Capital, Fuyun Investment, Shileng Investment, Qianhui Intelligent Investment, and Huaiji Investment Co-invested, WinX Capital Kaicheng Capital and Instant Capital acted as financial advisors. This round of financing is mainly used for the construction of Beino Bio’s R&D and production base in Taicang, Suzhou, and talent introduction. aspect.

Prior to this, Beinno Bio had completed an angel round of financing of more than 10 million yuan in July 2020, which was completed by Taiyu Investment and several strategic shareholders…… (For more information, please click here)

  • 36氪 First Release | Hillhouse Ventures Exclusive Investment, Aiming at Cutting-Edge Treatment “High Exploration Bio” Receives Angel Round Financing

36 Krypton learned that the cutting-edge life technology company “Gao Tan Biology” established in September last year has recently completed an angel round of financing. Hillhouse Ventures is the exclusive investment agency for this round.

Relying on single-cell analysis technology and taking the new generation of TCR-T immunotherapy as the core, Gaotan Biotechnology carries out technological innovation and product development in order to provide better diagnosis and treatment solutions.

The diversity and specificity of T cell receptors (TCR) are the basis for T cells to exercise immune functions, and single cell sequencing and analysis are currently the best technical means for high-throughput analysis of TCR and T cell functions. The fusion of the two will It can better promote the development of immunotherapy-related technologies, so as to provide more efficient tools for clinical practice… (For more information, please click here)


Financing disclosure:

  • 36氪 first launch丨Realize the industrialization of 3D printing technology in the mold industry, “Leadon Technology” completed tens of millions of A round of financing

36 krypton was informed that “Radium Technology” today announced the completion of a tens of millions of A round of financing. This round of financing was led by Lanchi Ventures, and the funds raised will be mainly used for the development of 3D printing powder materials, printing equipment core components, and the production capacity expansion of the printing service center.

Founded in 2019, “Leader Technology” is a mold 3D printing application solution provider, dedicated to the deep industrial application of 3D printing technology in the mold industry. At present, the company has established a metal material and process research and development team, and has established professional-level laboratories for metallographic analysis, composition analysis, and mechanical properties. It has successfully developed a variety of 3D printing processes and materials… (For more information, please click here )

  • 36氪 First Release | Help companies increase the utilization rate of AI resources by 5-8 times, “Trends Technology” received tens of millions of dollars in A+ round of financing

6 Krypton learned that “”, a developer of AI computing resource pooling software, recently announced the completion of tens of millions of US dollars in A+ round of financing. This round of financing was led by CMB International. The previous two rounds of investors Hillhouse Ventures continued to raise funds, and Index Capital continued to act as the exclusive financial advisor. This round of funds will be used for the rapid expansion of OrionX Orion AI computing resource pooling software in industry customers and to further accelerate product upgrade iterations.

36Kr has reported on Trending Technology many times and introduced the company’s products and technical solutions in detail. Founded in 2019, the company focuses on building an efficient AI computing resource pool to improve the efficiency of customer AI operation and maintenance management and the efficiency of AI business applications. The company has developed the OrionX Orion AI computing power pooling solution and has complete intellectual property rights… (For more information, please click here)

  • Focusing on full-process management and digital diagnosis and treatment in the field of chronic respiratory diseases, “Qiyi Medical” completed tens of millions of angel round financing

It is reported that “Qiyi Medical” has recently completed tens of millions of yuan in angel round financing. This round of financing is the exclusive investment of Jingwei China, and the funds raised will support “Qiyi Medical” to accelerate the establishment of a respiratory disease management platform.

“Qiyi Medical” was established in April 2020. It is a medical artificial intelligence technology company based on real-world research data. It currently focuses on the development of disease management systems and digital diagnosis and treatment products in the field of chronic respiratory diseases to solve chronic respiratory problems. The core pain point of disease diagnosis, treatment and management.

In the eight months since its establishment, the cumulative revenue of “Qiyi Medical” has exceeded 10 million yuan. “Qiyi Medical” COPD standard management system has been implemented in Zhumadian City, Henan Province. More than 4,000 doctors have registered for use, and 500,000 COPD standard management systems have been implemented. The early COPD screening system has also been covered More than 1,200 tertiary and secondary hospitals across the country have completed more than 2 million COPD risk screenings. In 2021, a number of digital therapy products of “Qiyi Medical” are gradually entering the clinical and certification stage… (For more information, please click here)


Financing disclosure:

  • 36氪 First Release | Mining Vehicle Autonomous Driving Company “Easy Control Smart Driving” Receives Series A Financing, NIO Capital and Stuart Capital Jointly Lead Investment

36 Krypton learned that the mining vehicle autonomous driving company “Easy Control Smart Driving” announced that it has completed the A round of financing at the end of last year, jointly led by NIO Capital and Stuart Capital. This round of financing is mainly used to accelerate the productization of the open-pit mine driverless system, establish a Shanghai office, and recruit talents to prepare for the future expansion of overseas markets.

Yikong Zhijiao was established in May 2018. It received an angel round investment of RMB 60 million from Chentao Capital in 2019, and announced in July 2020 that it had obtained a tens of millions of RMB Pre-A round strategy from Xinghang State Investment. Financing. Xinghang State Investment is the controlling shareholder of Zijin Mining, an A+H listed company. Yikong Zhijia said that its Pre-A round and A round of financing totaled more than 100 million yuan… (For more information, please click here)


Financing disclosure:

  • 36 krypton starting | medical beauty live broadcast enters the bonus period? “Bianmei Diary” completes millions of yuan in angel round financing

36 Krypton learned that recently, the medical beauty live e-commerce “Bianmei Diary” completed a multi-million yuan angel round of financing, led by Qifeng Capital, and a number of angel investors followed suit, and Lingbo Capital served as the exclusive financial advisor. This round of financing will be used to introduce a large number of anchor positions, online celebrity training, and build an operation team.

Founded in April 2020, Bianmei Diary links medical beauty institutions, anchors, and doctors to form an ecological closed loop: first screening medical beauty institutions, and then docking with trained anchors and professional doctors to promote medical beauty in the form of live broadcast Project conversion rate. At the profit level, the anchor charges the pit fee and the live broadcast share, the resident doctor charges the live broadcast fee, and the Bianmei Diary charges the live broadcast share… (For more information, please click here)

  • 36 krypton debut | cutting into the fashion accessories market from watches, “HappieWatch” completes tens of millions of RMB angel round financing

36氪 was informed that the watch and lifestyle trend brand “HappieWatch” completed a ten-million RMB angel round financing, led by Dexun Investment, followed by Junshang Capital, and Chunni Capital as the exclusive financial advisor. This round of financing will be used for product research and development, increase brand building, channel expansion, etc.

Co-founder Frank told 36Kr that the global compound annual growth rate of accessories and watches is 8.8%, of which Asia is the growth hotspot, and China’s watch market alone is a market of 100 billion yuan (excluding smart watches), and accessories are 10,000 yuan. Billion market.

HappieWatch was launched at the end of 2019. The team told 36Kr that the brand was profitable in the first month of its launch. The current monthly sales are millions of yuan, an increase of dozens of times year-on-year, and the rapid growth rate is still 20-40% every month. It is expected to be 618 in the middle of the year. Monthly sales amount to tens of millions of RMB. HappieWatch launched a foreign crowdfunding platform Indiegogo in September 2020, through Hong Kong company crowdfunding in European and American markets, sales of 1.5 million Hong Kong dollars within one month… (For more information, please click here)

  • 36氪 Exclusive | “Baby Glutton” completed over 100 million yuan A and A+ round of financing, exclusive investment by Tiantu Capital

36 Krypton learned that the baby health food brand “Baby Glutton” has completed more than 100 million yuan A and A+ rounds of financing last year, exclusively invested by Tiantu Capital. It is reported that the financing funds will be mainly used for supply chain transformation and brand building.

Chen Sheng, the co-founder of “Baby Glutton”, introduced to 36 krypton that around 2016, many influential KOLs emerged in the maternal and infant industry, such as rice cake mothers and clove mothers. The knowledge of scientific feeding has been effectively popularized. Scientific and refined feeding has become a trend, but the market lacks corresponding product demand. So the team established “Baby Glutton” at the end of 2016, and wanted to provide scientific, nutritious and delicious baby meals for babies from 6 months to 3 years old… …(Click here for more information)

  • 36氪 First Release | Cut into Wenwan Jewelry e-commerce from female users, “Gourd Monster” received 10 million yuan seed round financing from Meihua Ventures

36 Krypton learned that Wenwan Jewelry e-commerce channel brand “Gourd Monster” has completed a seed round of 10 million yuan. The lead investor is Meihua Venture Capital, and supply chain capital in the field of traditional culture has participated in the follow-up investment. It is reported that this round of financing funds will be mainly used for team building and supply chain construction.

Wenwan artwork was originally a traditional industry. Although there is a trillion-dollar market, the population is fixed and small, the information is opaque, the communication efficiency is low, and transactions are limited to small-scale scenes such as tourist attractions and origins. With the development of the Internet, the e-commerce of this industry continues to accelerate, from micro-commercialization to the outbreak of live e-commerce, the transaction efficiency of Wenwan Jewelry has been effectively improved.

“Hulushou” was established at the end of September 2020. It is an e-commerce channel brand of Wenwan jewelry that cuts in from female users. Founder and CEO Xu Jianzhong introduced to 36 krypton that traditional online online games are dominated by male consumer groups, and other channels are mainly operated from their perspective. However, with the rise of spiritual and cultural consumption, the potential of female groups cannot be ignored. They have their own unique aesthetics, but existing products are difficult to meet their needs… (For more information, please click here)

Project report:

  • Cinema marketing during the Spring Festival promotes growth. How does “Bingquan” upgrade the oral care market?

The popularity of cinemas during the Spring Festival this year exceeded expectations, so the brands that have staked the cinema marketing are also beneficiaries.

The emerging toothpaste brand “blispring Bingquan” confirmed the Spring Festival cinema marketing model in December last year: Sign Zhang Yuqi as the brand spokesperson; choose Focus Media, Wanda Media, and Baobaotang to cooperate, covering more than 500 tier 1-5 cities, totaling 3,200 A number of theaters; the warm-up began 2 weeks before the Spring Festival. After the Spring Festival stalls broke out, the team judged that the following Lantern Festival and Women’s Day will usher in a small peak, so they increased their investment and continued to March 10.

In order to undertake sales, “Bingquan” online “live broadcast will not close” during the Spring Festival, offline channels including Walmart, China Resources, Yonghui, RT-Mart, Watsons, 711, KK Pavilion and other channels have made corresponding designs. At present, the sales of “Bingquan” has increased by more than 60% compared with the same period last year. The team believes that the influence established on the consumer side will continue to drive business growth in the future… (For more information, please click here)

Venture Watch

  • Pharmacy business ice and fire: retail sales of 420 billion, small pharmacies are hit by chain stores, and chain stores are squeezed by e-commerce

On the seventh day of the Lunar New Year, Sun Yifei (a pseudonym), the owner of a medium-sized chain pharmacy in Zhuzhou, wrote in the circle of friends after the first golf round after the start of the new year, “The year of the ox is 100 splits, happy golf, win health”. When interviewed by the reporter of “Daily Economic News”, he was on his way to the golf course.

Few people in the industry can be as free and easy as Sun Yifei. In the past four or five years, chain pharmacies that have been listed on the stock market have accelerated their mergers and acquisitions and expansion. The survival gap of small shops has become smaller and more and more loss-making stores. In order to save labor costs, some self-employed individuals simply quit their employees and get up early. Keep the shop in the dark.

But in the secondary market, chain pharmacies have invested generous returns to shareholders. As of the close on February 22, 2021, the total market value of Yixintang, Yifeng Pharmacy, Lao People, and Dashenlin is about 168.4 billion yuan, which is about 7 times that at the time of listing. Since 2018, more than two-thirds of the outstanding shares of these listed companies have been held tightly by hundreds of institutions.

This situation came to an abrupt end in the fourth quarter of last year. In the primary market, the label of “pharmaceutical e-commerce” became more popular. Several chain pharmacy stocks in the secondary market were “cleared” and reduced their holdings. The proportion fell below 6%, the lowest point in the past three years. But on the other hand, the total market value of JD Health, which has just been listed, has exceeded 500 billion Hong Kong dollars, and has also increased by nearly 10 times after its listing.

Do e-commerce kill pharmacies? Is the chain pharmacy still fragrant? The capital changes at the beginning of the new year have allowed large chains and small and medium-sized physical pharmacies to stand together again, and they cannot predict whether the crazy influx of capital into pharmaceutical e-commerce will reshuffle the industry… (For more information, please click here)

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