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Venezuelan President left open the possibility of dialogue with the US

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro spoke at a news conference in Caracas. Photo: AFP / TTXVN

In an interview published in the Washington Post on January 18, President Maduro stated: “If there is respect among governments, regardless of how big the US is, and if there is a confrontation dialog, a sincere exchange of information, make sure we can create a new type of relationship. ” The Venezuelan leader emphasized his readiness to talk with Washington to end US President Donald Trump’s sanctions.

Maduro made clear that if Trump lifted sanctions, U.S. oil companies would also greatly benefit from Venezuela’s supply. According to him, a relationship based on respect and dialogue will benefit both sides, while a confrontational relationship will result in damage to both.

In addition, President Maduro announced his readiness to talk to opposition leader Juan Guaido, but rejected the opposition’s resignation request. Previously, Norway had presided over a number of conversations between President Maduro and Guaido’s representative, but the meetings broke down in August 2019.

Venezuela has been subject to a series of sanctions and US diplomatic isolation since the South American nation fell into a political crisis early last year, after opposition leader Juan Guaido was granted Washington backed, self-proclaimed “interim president” of this country. Current President Maduro thinks this is a coup plot behind the United States and outside hostile forces.

The Venezuelan government has strongly opposed the support of the US President Donald Trump’s administration for the Venezuelan opposition with the huge amount of money used to destabilize the country. In addition, Caracas also condemned the sanctions over the past two years, making it impossible for the country to make international transactions to buy goods and raw materials necessary for the lives of people.

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