Venezuela accused the US of overthrowing Maduro: Mr. Trump denied
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Venezuela accused the US of overthrowing Maduro: Mr. Trump denied

The Washington Post of the US on 5/5 (local time) quoted the statement of US President Donald Trump that the US is not related to the failed attack in Venezuela on 3/5.

Venezuela to My muon lat do Maduro: Mr. Trump
US President Donald Trump has denied that the US is involved in the plot to arrest Mr. Nicolas Maduro.

Trump also denied that the two former US special agents were arrested during an operation to assassinate Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, backed by Colombian mercenaries and former US special forces.

“Whatever it is, we will give you the information [báo chí-ND] know. However, it has nothing to do with our government “- Mr. Trump said.

The State Department then reiterated US President Donald Trump’s comments that the United States was not involved in the campaign Caracas accused. In contrast, Washington argues that President Maduro has launched a misleading campaign to distract the world from recent events, such as a prison riot that left more than 40 people dead and killed. dozens were seriously injured.

U.S. diplomats say they are trying to learn more about the events, including the activities of US citizens and Jordan Goudreau in the border area in Venezuela. They said the answer would only be given once Maduro’s regime ended.

The authorities in Venezuela determined that the two men, Luke Denman and Airan Berry, were former US special forces. These two Americans are affiliated with Florida-based private security firm Silvercorp USA. Military records show both soldiers who served in Iraq.

A former US Army Green Hat special forces officer, Jordan Goudreau, took responsibility for leading the campaign, instructing it to succeed. He said the operation was designed to arrest but not kill President Maduro. He said he launched the campaign based on a limited budget after signing an agreement with US-backed opposition leader Juan Guaido.

On May 1, Goudreau said he was working with Javier Nieto, a Venezuelan military official, retired and accused of US drugs, to train dozens of Venezuelan soldiers to desert, at the barracks. inside Colombia.

The goal of training these defected Venezuelan troops is to cross the border and go deep into Venezuelan territory to try to assassinate President Maduro. The May 3 landing was to accomplish that goal and was named Operation Gedeon.

Venezuelan officials said six attackers were killed, modified compared to the previous report of 8 people.

On May 5, Juan Guaido continued to assert that he had nothing to do with Jordan Goudreau and that he had no relationship with US veterans.

In a related development, Venezuela claimed to have the power to destroy the national electricity system, not entirely because of its degraded infrastructure as the US and the opposition have accused.

On May 5, Venezuelan Vice President Delcy Rodriguez accused anti-sabotage forces of carrying out an attack on the national electricity system that caused parts of Caracas and at least 19 states. fall into a widespread blackout.

Currently, the Venezuelan electricity authority is urgently troubleshooting to restore service soon.

The latest destructive attack comes just a day after Venezuelan authorities have dismantled two groups of armed mercenaries trying to penetrate the country’s territory by sea to carry out a conspiracy to cause unrest. stabilize and kill Venezuelan top leaders.

In 2019, Venezuela also suffered from multiple sabotage attacks against the country’s largest hydroelectric plant, Guri, as well as the electricity transmission system that caused the country to lose power almost across the territory for days.

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