Vehicle locked steering wheel: Cause and easiest way to unlock

Vehicle locked steering wheel: Cause and easiest way to unlock

A car with a steering wheel lock is a very common situation. You can get away with the following ways to unlock the car steering wheel.

Steering wheel lock car is the state of the steering wheel locked, unable to rotate. This situation is very common with first-time users, especially using cars like Kia Morning, Hyundai i10, Toyota Vios, Toyota Innova, Toyota Camry, Mazda 3… If this situation is first encountered, more or less will feel confused and confused. However, rest assured because this is not a fault but a feature of the car.

Cause the car is locked steering wheel

The cause of a car locking the steering wheel is mostly due to deliberately turning the steering wheel after the car has turned off. Most commonly when trying to turn the steering wheel straighten the wheel after parking the vehicle and turn off the engine.

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Turning the steering wheel while the car is turned off will cause the steering wheel to lock

Self-locking the steering wheel when the car is turned off is actually an anti-theft feature that manufacturers equip their cars. Specifically, if the engine is turned off, the power pump will not work, so the roller will be locked. The locked steering wheel is just designed to prevent fraud and theft. You can rest assured that the locking steering wheel will not affect or damage the steering system of the car.

How to unlock the car steering wheel

To unlock the steering wheel just restart the car. According to Viet Quang – technical expert of Saigon Ford: “The way to handle the car when the steering wheel is locked is very simple, just turn on the engine, the steering wheel will be unlocked”.

The fastest way to unlock the steering wheel is to start the engine, and the steering wheel will unlock itself

There is one case that can easily be confused with steering wheel lock: heavy steering. This is a common problem faced by vehicles using electric power systems. If the engine is turned off, the oil pump that supports the steering and brake systems cannot absorb the energy. Therefore, the steering wheel will become heavier and especially people with weak hand power often find it difficult to steer.

The locked steering wheel is primarily a vehicle safety feature. Therefore, you should not worry too much about falling into this situation. You can rest assured, the steering will not be affected as in the event of a fault The steering wheel is broken

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