Vascara expanded its chain of fashion stores in the North

The brand simultaneously opened 10 stores in the North in June with many incentives for customers.

According to Vascara, the northern market is fertile but a “piece of cake” that is difficult to fully embrace, due to different customer behavior and psychology. However, with different branding, Vascara expects to attract the attention of Northern customers.

Promote the pace of market expansion

Without investing in quick identification, Vascara only chooses the “bamboo” approach to make a difference in the retail industry. In particular, the “bud” brand of the brand has fought for nearly 10 years since the first store in Hanoi. Although developing slowly compared to other brands, Vascara is very familiar and knowledgeable about the market before expanding as many stores as today.

Vascara is one of the favorite fashion brands for handbags, shoes and accessories.

Vascara representative said that on average, this brand will open one new store every 10 days. Especially in June, Vascara simultaneously opened 10 stores in the North. Vascara currently has more than 130 stores nationwide. The brand will continue to expand the store scale until the end of the year.

“Unlike mini supermarket chains or fast food, building a store like Vascara cannot be done quickly without careful preparation in terms of personnel, cargo system and transportation,” said the representative. Vascara said.

Bring many benefits to customers

On the occasion of simultaneously expanding 10 stores, Vascara launched a 15% discount on all products and only for the Northern market. According to Vascara, discount offers are not new, but in a broader sense, you will receive many benefits as the brand expands its sales chain.

Vascara products impress by diverse, eye-catching designs.

If in the past, shopping for branded products was only available in big cities, or choosing to buy online, you can now own that item right in your local area. Or when participating in loyalty programs, you are also served a professional and much better than shopping at retail stores.

The presence of many stores makes Vascara’s supply of goods always plentiful. In addition, the brand is easily accessible to customers in the provincial markets.

Vascara shares, getting acquainted with the modern and professional sales method; Building good habits in shopping and creating confidence in brands that are having difficulties. However, more than 10 years of branding is not a long time compared to big brands, but Vascara is confident that it can thrive in the future.

* Source: VnExpress


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