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various recipe ingredients ♪ 12 popular arrangement recipes of carbonara


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Various arrangements of carbonara!

Carbonara, cheese, pasta, etc. served on a white plate are placed on a black table

Carbonara has a simple image, but in fact, you can make various arrangements with the ingredients. Why don’t you discover a new way to eat carbonara using vegetables and seafood?

[Plus vegetables]4 selections of carbonara arrangement recipes

1. Bright green.Carbonara with broccoli

Carbonara with broccoli served on a white plate


Carbonara with a creamy sauce and bright green broccoli. By boiling it a little, the broccoli will crumble properly and it will be easier to get entangled in the pasta. The mellow richness of cheese and milk makes it easy for children who are not good at vegetables to eat.

2. Crispy and rich.Cabbage sesame carbonara

Cabbage sesame carbonara served on pottery

Photo by macaroni

A Japanese-style carbonara that enjoys the rich flavor of crispy stir-fried cabbage and sesame seeds. Mentsuyu and sesame seeds are added to the basic carbonara sauce, so you can enjoy a refreshing aftertaste. It features a seasoning that is easy for the elderly to eat. If you mix the sauce carefully in advance and entangle it with the hot pasta, it will become thicker.

3. Creamy ♪ Carbonara with burdock sauce


Carbonara made from potage-shaped burdock is a dish with an elegant scent. By adding fresh cream or grated cheese to the sauce, you can add richness to the light night burdock. It may seem like a lot of work, but it’s very easy because once the burdock is boiled, it’s just put in a food processor. If you use new burdock, you will get a more fragrant carbonara.

4. Rich in fragrance.Carbonara with plenty of mushrooms

Carbonara with plenty of mushrooms served on a white plate


Carbonara with plenty of mushrooms has a rich aroma and is exceptionally delicious. The fat of bacon is added to the taste of mushrooms, giving it a simple yet profound taste. In addition to mushrooms, it is also delicious to arrange with your favorite mushrooms such as shimeji mushrooms, maitake mushrooms, and shiitake mushrooms.

[Plus meat and seafood]5 carbonara arrangement recipes

5. Cafe lunch at home!Mentaiko Carbonara

Mentaiko carbonara served on pottery


Carbonara, where you can enjoy the subtle spiciness of mentaiko, the taste of bacon, and the scent of garlic, has a stylish appearance like a cafe. The secret of deliciousness is the timing of adding mentaiko. By mixing it quickly to finish, you can make the most of the bubble wrap texture without the heat passing by.


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