Variety show ratings have changed drastically! Every day, it climbs to the bottom, yearning 5 drops to third, and the top spot is popular on Tencent

Variety show ratings have changed drastically! Every day, it climbs to the bottom, yearning 5 drops to third, and the top spot is popular on Tencent

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Variety shows have become one of our ways to spend time. It’s also good to watch variety shows after dinner to mediate our mood. In addition, we can see the different side of our idols. No wonder fans like to watch it.

Recently, the ratings of variety shows have greatly changed. A certain platform counts the top 10 works of the Let’s take a look at what they have:

NO. 10 “Everyday Upwards”

In this list, Hunan Satellite TV’s “Everyday Upward” is at the bottom, with a rating of 0.434. If you don’t change it, I’m afraid it will be at the bottom in the next issue. I used to like to watch “Everyday Upward” very much. Since I invited a bunch of internet celebrities and changed the mode, it hasn’t tasted anymore.

NO. 9 “Happy Camp”

The ninth place is “Happy Camp”, with a rating of 1.2. Have you watched this show lately? I found that the two ace variety shows are not good, I really don’t understand why they have to invite so many internet celebrities to come over?

NO. 8 “The Glittering You”

“Glittering You” is a reality show in the workplace observation category. The celebrity guests are in the observation room to see how the graduates work in the company? Isn’t this “Thanksgiving Offer”?

NO. 7 “Mom, you look so good”

“Mom, you look so good” is a variety show launched by Mango Channel. I have to praise the creativity of Mango Channel. It is very interesting. They are still in the elder brother and sister draft stage, and it launches mother-like ideas.

NO. 6 “If You Are the One”

I didn’t expect that “If You Are the One” would have such a high ratings, reaching 2.057. It seems that the embarrassing events in the blind date can more arouse the audience’s interest.

NO. 5 “The Star Chaser”

“The Star Chaser” is a very interesting variety show, like I would click curiously. It is a variety show of self-driving tour with star team, similar to the poor tour. While looking at my favorite idols, while following the perspective to experience nature, I kind of like this state.

NO. 4 “Who is the Treasure Singer”

The fourth place is “Who is the Treasure Singer” joined by Wang Yuan and others. The program group provides a stage for those treasure singers who don’t know everyone to show themselves. Here you can hear a lot of good music.

NO. 3 “Longing for Life 5”

“Longing for Life 5” fell to number three, and it should be the top spot in the impression. It will be in third place just after the hit period, what do you think?

NO. 2 “Extreme Challenge”

The second place is “Extreme Challenge”, how can I not think of the loud curse, but also accompanied by the ratings, reaching 2.828, which is really awesome. I still remember that a group of people were scolding this work, how it became so popular.

NO. 1 “Run”

The top spot is on Tencent, and it is “Run”. Its popularity cannot be surpassed, and its ratings cannot be surpassed. The ratings are as high as 2.865%, becoming the champion of this issue of variety shows. Are you still chasing “Run”?

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