Variety show "It's just a teenager", Liu Haoran is also so smart, Dong Zijian's variety show is too popular

Variety show “It’s just a teenager”, Liu Haoran is also so smart, Dong Zijian’s variety show is too popular

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I didn’t dare to watch that birthday live broadcast. At that time, I knew that Xiaokai hurriedly used Seewo to watch the live broadcast in the middle of the night. The tears came down. He was really super thin. Dong Zijian is really a very well-educated person. In fact, living in Japan doesn’t have to be so troublesome, but watching his brothers cook, order cakes, and finally eat noodles. I think Dong is mature, emotional and considerate. It’s really a model, knowing what you want, and being able to tolerate others. I envy Sun Yi, but I also think that Sun Yi should also be very shining and also a very interesting girl.

I hope that they will achieve each other in the future. The reality show is very real. I was very moved when I watched the third episode. Friendship is mutual. Xiao Kai hasn’t slept well for three days, cooks for everyone at night, and even gets stuck in making longevity noodles for Xiao Dong. He also pets Xiao Dong very much, and his pet is more in action. Even the director group was excited to say that this is the reality show. The three children travel like this once a year. Relaxing ourselves also allows us to recall the beauty of life. This issue is really good. I laughed at me when I saw the tricks later, which directly brought Wang Junkai’s nervousness.

When Liu Haoran discovered that there was a problem with the cake, if I had to recruit at the time, Wang Junkai was able to change the subject relatively calmly. Liu Haoran is also so smart. Dong Zijian’s variety show is too popular, and this variety show is too suitable for the three of them. , Comfortable and interesting. It was so funny, the first second was too guilty, and the next second I was too excited. At the Chinese restaurant, I knew that Wang Junkai was so good at cooking. I was amazed. I knew he participated, but I didn’t watch the show much, so I didn’t know his cooking skills very well.

Liu Haoran often plays mobile phones, but I think he is a little unexplainable selfishness, maybe 20% selfishness. The source of happiness in the recent period is all positive energy. Usually I don’t get along with others. I watched their show and seemed to learn a little bit. I just watched it. It’s too funny and beautiful. I just want to watch this if I don’t want to follow the show. I didn’t report much expectation. After I didn’t show Wang Junkai to the Chinese restaurant, I thought that others were good, so I wanted to see it, but the three silly boys were too cute. Isn’t it especially when there is mutual pitfalls and mutual losses, I like to have fun before watching the guests.

Otherwise, everyone is polite and cautious, which is very boring. The fireworks collided by the three people are curious and curious. Even if there is no script and just traveling, there are many moments when the sense of variety is bursting. And I really like the program group to give them plenty of free space, and have been following their ideas to follow this setting. I think the program group is also quite fascinating. I found three of them who have their own characteristics and are very representative of young people to do this program. They are very close to the main body and the atmosphere is also very harmonious. I like “It’s Just A Boy” and “High Energy Youth League 1”.

Because in these two programs, Wang Junkai finally didn’t need to be an older brother, and was finally taken care of as a younger brother. He is so mature that he wants to protect his innocence and childishness. During the recording in Sanya, Qian Xi might have visited the eldest brother. Two po owners who shared travel posts mentioned this separately, saying that the owner of Sanya B&B told them that when Wang Junkai was recording the show, Yi Yangqian Xi also came, but the program team did not allow them to shoot Qianxi for publicity.


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