Vampire: The Masquerade: Blood Hunt

Boldness is often the engine of art, industry and science… Therefore, we can deduce that bold projects often get things done. Only, daring is not everything and it is difficult for us to say whether the idea behind Vampire: The Masquerade: Blood Hunt is awesome or ridiculous. Indeed, if we can always debate the intelligence of doing a battle royale in 2021, a genre still extremely popular but also still dominated by a small handful of elected officials (based on the many corpses of those who broke their teeth to risk it), it must be recognized that adding a battle royale to an RPG series featuring vampires, it’s daring.

But daring does not mean good and, without wanting to be disagreeable, we find it hard to believe in a project that is as likely to be generic as it is original and whose form we cannot imagine. Finally, the wait is over sinceyesterday a Geoff Keighley with sparkling teeth presented us the first images of the software and allowed us to draw our first conclusions, in particular that Sharkmob has not been idle! Well, he has not been idle but he has not revolutionized the genre he is trying with this IP either …

In short, no surprise, Vampire: The Masquerade: Blood Hunt sera un TPS free-to-play. You will play as a vampire and your goal will be to eliminate other hemophages and be the last vampire standing in the streets of Prague, a city whose visitable areas will shrink in order to force players to clash. Undeniably classic in principle therefore, the battle royale of Sharkmob is not for all that devoid of originality since it is possible to fight on any surface (ground, roofs or even walls …), to choose a class to his character (which influences his powers and talents), or even to heal himself by crunching the chinstrap of passers-by (taking the risk of being put in plain view if you got caught in the act).

Want to bite into this new battle royale? Vampire: The Masquerade: Blood Hunt Coming To PC For Free In October (right in time for Halloween it looks like…). Note that an alpha version will be available in a few days and that you can register to participate.


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