Vambrace: Cold Soul – Review Game

Vambrace: Cold Soul – Game Review

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In the past few years, we've seen the explosion of independent game makers, followed by thousands of games being "released" every year. Of course, with such a huge number of games, we have found the "golden particles" in the game village like Hob, One Finger Death Punch, Katana Zero, Baba Is You….

Also joining the independent game village is a game developer from Korea with a name that sounds very much like coffee – Devespresso Games. This independent game company has achieved great success with its first title game The Coma.

So, with a good step from the buffer The Coma and his experience in making games, whether the next name of Devespresso Games is Vambrace: Cold Soul Will it be the next "golden bead" or will it be a disappointing game? Please also learn through the following review.


When you meet a strange girl and are attracted at first sight, the most satisfactory explanation can only be … she is beautiful. The beauty of life has been a prerequisite to impress the opposite and of course the game is not outside this theory. And it is commendable Vambrace: Cold Soul Successfully applied the beating of "beauty" into the eyes of players.

  Vambrace: Cold Soul

The image of the game is meticulously built, from the main character to the sub-character, from the vast landscape to the small details that give rise to vitality. The lines on the armor, each crack in the weapon or the folds on the fabric are also painted in a detailed and artistic way by the painters.

Vambrace: Cold Soul There are quite a lot of functions and types of shortcuts, only looking at the character index has made you dizzy, not to mention that each race has its own advantages and disadvantages. The game tutorial is very good and easy to see and is made in a handwriting style (it's pretty cute).

The game also builds its own world with most of what you want them to appear in a Fantasy world. For example, race, for example, Vambrace: Cold Soul There is an amazing diversity of people from humans, dwarves, foremen to beastmen, golems, ghosts … The cultural differences of races are also made quite clear as well as specific characteristics. differences in form, magic and technique that races use.

Vambrace: Cold Soul

Players can feel the story of the lives of people trapped in Icenaire through the stories told, the choices will be presented, though not greatly influenced by the main plot but will affect the part. Your rewards and side quests (for example, if you want to get Lyric's "special" clothes, you are not allowed to make the wrong choice during the performance of Charlotte's landlady).

The audio environment is also very good game. The sound of the wind blowing, the sound of frozen objects or the shaking of the characters in the game is quite good, the player can accompany the character to feel his surroundings.

Vambrace: Cold Soul successfully applied the beating of "beauty" into the eyes of players

Vambrace: Cold Soul

The game's dungeon design also impresses with monsters that will jump on you at any time and you don't know what the hell will happen to you.

A series of side quests and map discovery (though it looks small) is also an interesting experience. The rooms are arranged hidden in the frame and the alleys are scattered all over the place, the discovery of all rooms in the city will take up a lot of your time.

Vambrace: Cold Soul


Possessing a sleek outer shell, but Vambrace: Cold Soul too many shortcomings exist so that players can "love".

Basically, the plot of this game is like this, a witch named King of Shades in rage has engulfed the city of Icenaire into an eternal winter (sounds like a dark version of Frozen?) . When the snow storms were still not fierce enough, the people of Icenaire had to receive the souls of the deceased, but if only a few were still able to keep their minds, most ghosts would go mad. and become evil monsters. You, as a mysterious girl named Lyric, will be Icenaire's savior as she sets out to find the mystery of her father's death, accidentally resolving the magic of King of Shades.

Summary of the plot Vambrace: Cold Soul Is that so, sounds interesting? Sure, but it is if you just read the summary and not spend all "TWO WATCHES" (and that's the writer who rewrites some extra chattering) just to run around the map. and talk to the NPCs.

Vambrace: Cold Soul

After the "intimate chat" stage with the NPCs and releasing the problems, you will enter the main game. If you have read through the "propaganda of the" Darkest Dungeon, roguelite adventure full of excitement, new gameplay … ”or something like that, the writer thinks you should not put too much faith in the game's play.

If you have to say, play's way Vambrace: Cold Soul Exactly a mess and boring. The game learns a lot from Darkest Dungeon, such as horizontal screen-style, "camping" and random gameplay. Those are like Vambrace: Cold Soul also did quite well (except for a slightly cramped character movement).

But to the tactical part, actually the writer really does not understand the manufacturer's intentions very much? The character will have 3 main skills but one box is for special skills (must be recharged after use), ie you only have two options to use … to hit or block.

Perhaps all of these factors will gradually be added later through later DLC versions, especially when the market is extremely "making it" in recent years and other games in the line. The game also performs very well this strategy.

With such a poor skill system, of course, the battles are just like dice, so if you win, you will be unlucky and lose. The position in the game does not mean anything, just by default in position 3 or 4 is that you are safe from deadly attacks, the other is the first name do not die.

Vambrace's play: Cold Soul is exactly a mess and boring

It can be said that most people love the resigned roguelite game (in a fun way) with the death and remake from scratch (for example, the title game Crypt of the NecroDancer), but with Vambrace: Cold Soul death is a boring thing and continues to fight like a curse. The "spam E" fighting style, monsters or weak as two slugs are unbalanced buffaloes, the game does not let you escape halfway until the green tube is on the left (or you just like that return and redo the mission as well), Vambrace: Cold Soul is a literal righteous act, when resurrection is no longer an inspiration.


  • OS: Windows XP (64Bit)
  • CPU: Core2Duo
  • RAM: 3GB
  • VGA: Any with hardware 3D acceleration
  • HDD: 4850 MB


  • OS:Windows10 (64Bit)
  • CPU: ICore2Duo or above
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • VGA: Nvidia 7900 / equivalent
  • HDD: 4850 MB



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