Valve replaced the direct invite ticket with the rating system for the Fall Major

In emails sent to the grand prize organizers, Valve said it plans to replace Major’s current invitations with the rating system. This will create two more tournaments ahead of the Major fall.

According to Valve, this system combines the points earned from the Spring Major – ESL One Rio, which takes place in May – and two other events before the second Major of the year (taking place from November 2 to November 15). .

Three events will help determine the ranking: the top 8 teams will be invited to the Major in the fall as Legend, the next 8 teams will be Challenger, and the remaining 8 teams are from the current Minor system of 4 main areas. .

The developer asked the tournament organizers to hold two more ranked leagues and made the following requirements:

  • The event takes place between July and September.
  • The event will consist of a LAN section with at least 8 teams. Previously it could be online or LAN.
  • The event consisted of at least 24 teams: 16 places for teams in the Major category, and 8 teams selected by the organizers.
  • The event results will help select the strongest 16 teams.
  • The initial seed rank of the event will be based on the Major rating.
  • Valve will support up to $ 250k in bonuses.

The email also states that the main objective of these events is to identify teams that will be invited to the Major. Valve emphasized that they will not impose procedures, scale and location.

This time coincides with the summer holidays of the players, set by CSPPA, which falls on July 15 to August 15 this year.

The Major’s ticketing system has remained almost the same since ESL One Katowice’s first offline qualifier for 2015. It was slightly modified at the FACEIT Major: the last two teams at the New Legends Stage will not receive the Challengers title and must Back in the Minor system, there will be an additional “Play-in” to determine two more slots.

Ninh Tran

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