Valve may be developing a new game called Citadel?

Valve may be developing a new game called Citadel?

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Citadel, the name of a secret development project that Valve developed could involve Half-Life, opening up the possibilities for the new part of this series?

After the return screen Dota Underlords, it seems that Valve is gradually focusing on making games. In the latest source, the company is opening up about something that may be related Half-Life.

It is unclear what is happening, but according to the company's latest updates for its titles, this move may be related to the name. Citadel.

Tyler McVicker from Valve News Network also gave a video explaining what the online community has gathered from the latest update for Dota 2.

At first, Citadel is said to be a screen play in an unnamed virtual reality project Half-LifeBut McVicker said that the name gradually became more complicated, needed more resources and became a completely independent project developed on Source 2.

McVicker also said that this game will have a lot of things related to sneaky, AI's ability to find the way, has a small map from the top down and not completely a "flagship" VR game that Valve once had. revealed before.

Of course, the Valve News Network video also said Citadel Unconfirmed will involve Half-Life, and maybe not even a shooting game. If this project uses the same Source 2 platform Dota 2This may be a top-down strategy game.

In the end, it's all about the project's name Citadel of Valve. No one knows what Source 2 can do or what the game will be like. In the short term, people can still hope that Gabe Newell will know "count number three" and launch a new section for Half-Life.

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