Valve announced the anime DOTA: Dragon’s Blood on Netflix

Valve has just officially announced the Dota 2 anime anime that will be broadcast on Netflix called DOTA: Dragon’s Blood. The trailer was revealed on Netflix’s official YouTube channel.

“We’re thrilled to announce a brand new anime series exploring the Dota universe. As a fan of Dota and of the community at large, we look forward to sharing this new journey with you, ”Valve said on Twitter.

According to the title of the movie, DOTA: Dragon’s Blood on Netflix will focus on the hero Dragon Knight. Trailer detailing young knight riding horse. The voice said, “What are you called?” In response, the character says, “Davion, the dragon knight.” Davion then rushed down the hill to fight the giant reptile monster that was attacking a group of people. With a youthful appearance compared to the game, this is said to be the original plot of Dragon Knight.

The plot in DOTA: Dragon’s Blood

The original plot of Dragon Knight revolved around Davion’s quest to hunt down the dragon Slyrak (the dragon of eldwurm). After years of searching, he is disappointed to learn that Slyrak is old, weak and dying. Although Davion was about to leave in disappointment, Slyrak requested a life-and-death match with Davion. The two fight to the point of death, causing the two to merge into one to survive. Now, when Davion leaves, he gains the strength and knowledge of dragons.

DOTA: Dragon’s Blood will continue these events and include other characters from the game. Wykrhm Reddy shared the release date of the full trailer on Twitter and said that Dragon Knight would travel with Mirana, as they “confronted demons and gods with unexpected teammates”.

When will DOTA: Dragon’s Blood come out?

Netflix confirmed DOTA: Dragon’s Blood will air on March 25. Instead of releasing every episode every week, Netflix has a habit of releasing the entire season at once. Hope this time too, but the manufacturer has not confirmed anything about this information.

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