Valorant: Viper’s powerful ‘smoke one-way’ tip on Breeze map

A player on Reddit instructed us to create a smoke one-way in the position of Mid Wood Doors entering the area inside A site.

Recently, player Valorant on Reddit showed us a pretty good and simple way to create a smoke one-way at Mid Wood Doors to enter the area inside A site. Setting up a ‘smoke one-way’ in this position allows your team to completely control the path into the Mid area.

Taking advantage of the available slope, the player can easily detect the enemy’s feet before they intend to flood into A site, otherwise the enemy will have absolutely no vision inside when the smoke (Poison Cloud ) of Viper was there (not to mention that passing through this smoke is also subject to the effect decay).

Easy Viper One-way Breeze from VALORANT

So how to perform this trick? The first step is that you need to stand right in front of the wooden door position as shown in the video (this position doesn’t have to be exact because when you throw a Poison Orb you will throw it directly so it bounces into the ceiling, so as long as it bounces hard. It’s ok to hit the ceiling, then look at the “point” between the ceiling and the wall as shown in the video, approach the door and throw.

At this point, the Poison Orb will hit the ceiling before reaching the aiming point, but in return it will fall right on the “upper bar” of the Wooden Door – this is the ideal point for Viper to toggle smoke, creating an extreme One-way position. beautiful and highly effective. With the advantage of this smoke, it is certain to you that only the “baby” dares to run over…

Even if you don’t succeed in keeping the enemy team out with the above smoke one-way, remember that such a setup has already bought your team a lot of defense time!

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