Valheim: tips and tricks to get off to a good start

Valheim: tips and tricks to get off to a good start

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Valhein is a survival game with many dangers, to play alone or with up to 10 friends online. RPG in third person, quite demanding for beginners, it is a mix of sandbox – type Minecraft or Terraria with Skyrim gameplay – set in Nordic mythology with the Viking theme. In an inhospitable setting of fields, forests, icy mountains and encounters with very strange creatures, delivering powerful blows, the gamer, hungry and if he is not agile, can see his life indicator drop precipitously! Stay on top of tips and tricks to get started at Valheim by staying alive – at least on the first night.

To start with chances

Listen to the crow, it will appear at the very beginning of the game, with advice on elements of the game and its progression – don’t ignore them and read the runes etched in the stones! With the indications of the bird and the runes, you will know the competence of the objects to be unlocked. As a survival game the game integrates many common elements – handicrafts and workbench (base of work), resource mining and an evolving skill tree, with randomly generated maps. Explore and persist! With a little rest, life can be restored automatically.

Who is Valheim?

Valheim is a dead Viking warrior, sent to the mythological purgatory of the icy Nordic lands. There, he will be confronted with creatures that are even docile, but mainly, treacherous and infamous. Remember: you will die again.

How to get through the first night: take care of your resistance bar

You will need two things – persistence (stamina) and rest. With that, you can rescue your life, especially if you are alone. On the screen, on the left, there are two bars: persistence and rest and hunger. Pay attention, there are also foods very close by and, remember, the food that most nourishes is ‘meat’, cooked. The boar is always easy to hunt, even with precarious weapons from the beginning of the game. It is also necessary, fire and utensils, be creative and pay attention to the icons and symbols presented on the screen. And above all, do not let the food toast, so that it does not become inappropriate. Be alert to the sounds – when the cooking utensil flashes, it’s time to consume it.

Tips: If you eat close to the game or in a shelter while staying dry, your health and endurance score will increase more quickly, even with some bonuses. Try to maintain a balanced diet in three meals a day. In addition to the food already mentioned, eat the yellow mushroom, you will have more vitality. And if you notice an open eye, watch out, you’ve been discovered, the animals will run away.

Find three elements without which it will be difficult to exist: resin, wood and pebbles

The resin comes from wood, so it’s easy to find (break small bushes), but it also kills monsters. Prefer to kill dwarves, they yield resin and wood, and add axes (flint), white stones near the water.

Build an operations bench and create artifacts

But, one thing leads to another, it is time to build a bench, a shelter. It is the basis of the entire crafting system: it is necessary to be on the perimeter of the bench to be able to build things. Here, artifacts come in, first the hammer. It has an interaction key, use it. Then get an ax (using pebble or another type of stone) and hoe to flatten the ground. Hitting, cutting and flattening are basic survival activities. The operations bench is the resource for your survival and preparatory for a more perfected construction. For that, it will be necessary to increase the level of the bench with auxiliary items next to it.

There are several levels:

Level 1: is the standard wooden bench

Level 2: Stump made of wood and pebbles (flint)

Level 3. Standard workbench, built with wood, flint and leather scrap

Level 4: Enxó a building made with noble wood, bronze nails and forge)

Take care of the structure of the shelter – the colors say it all, blue for the longest lasting, the red ones with a high risk of falling. Be smart and see if you can take advantage of the ruin resources you find – click near them to take them apart and collect the material.

Remember, when you have a broken hammer and you don’t know what to do: open the menu and click on the hammer tool icon, it will be repaired along with the others that are damaged.

In case of death

Relax! If you die, return to the place marked on the map and collect as much of your stuff as you can by clicking on the headstone. But first, you need to claim the place – click on the respawn location on the map. Quickly kill more animals, recover skins to upgrade weapons and make protective clothing.


The basic skills are jumping and running (blocking), cutting (sharp objects) and description, which should increase in power, quickly. To follow, do not neglect the competence bar, in the TAB key menu. Nothing will increase without effort. Don’t forget also that it will be essential to kill birds, to make arrows with feathers, wild boar for the skins and to win trophies and trolls.

Combat is another key competence. Valheim must be able to face any type of creature. Be smart and practice avoidance, defense and breathing techniques. Create strategies to attack large and small animals (frogs called Necks) and live plants (Greylings) for example. The most important battles will be against the bosses, you must kill the first one to advance in the missions and unlock items.

Tip: hide weapons by pressing the R key and, to use them at the right time, click the same key. Be reactive!


Many biomes will surround your bench – black forest and a peaceful countryside, for example, with the first challenges to face. If you are not a good observer and do not know how to use what you have created, you will not be able to pass both. All sorts of creatures from skeletons to trolls will be lurking, behind a hill or an ancient log. But, on the other hand, it is on these maps that you will find copper and tin (then you need the pickaxe for this, only achieved when you kill the first boss). In addition to the ocean, these are the scenarios you will encounter at the beginning of the game.

Take advantage, in the black forest, to get a fishing rod to implement your diet, because it can only be sold by a seller inside it … but it only appears randomly and the black forest is full of dangers of death.

What you should aim for in Valheim

It is, without a doubt, to kill the first boss! Because? Because it unlocks the pick, very important to advance the game. To do this, invoke it, but only after you have achieved two deer trophies, for sacrifice.

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