Valentine, giant gave the Bugatti Chiron Sport more than 100 billion pink to his wife

It seems that chocolate or roses become a very normal gift on Valentine’s Day, this giant decided to buy his wife a Bugatti Chiron Sport worth more than 100 billion.

The first Bugatti with pink paint belonged to the Chiron Sport

This special car, called Alice, was bought by a husband as a gift for his wife. Finished in two colors Matt Blanc and Silk Rosé (ivory-pink) on the exterior, this will be the first pink paint to appear on a Bugatti.


Every Bugatti shipped has distinctive details thanks to personalization. However, this paint color is not in the company’s color scheme. The car is the result of a design collaboration with HR Owen, a famous car dealership in London (UK). They helped the owner choose two colors to combine the best possible.


Bugatti Chiron Sport as personalized valentine gift inside and out

Ken Choo – gHR Owen chief executive said: This is a truly unique Bugatti, which will always be remembered as a truly unique car. We are very honored vì has played an important part in connecting our customers with this amazing Chiron Sport. ”

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NhBut it doesn’t stop at exterior colors unique. Inside car they choose Gris Rafale leather White comes with pink Alice stitched onto the headrests of the Comfort seats. A Alice logo also appears on the doorstep with the Silk Rosé color of the exterior to accentuate the interior.

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The Bugatti Chiron Sport Valentine gift is priced at no less than 400 billion if you return to Vietnam

Bugatti introduced the Chiron Sport in 2018, at the Geneva Motor Show. Powering the car is a quad-turbo W16 machine, 8.0L capacity, producing 1,479 horsepower and 1,600 Nm of torque.


A Bugatti Chiron 2021 is currently being sold by a supercar dealer in the UK for nearly $ 4.8 million (~ 111.2 billion). The Chiron Sport alone will cost a lot more, not including personalization options. This is a very expensive selling price that not all husbands can afford to buy for their wife.

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