VAIO Z 2021 released: standard pressure + 4K screen, weighs only 958g

VAIO Z 2021 released: standard pressure + 4K screen, weighs only 958g

On February 18th, VAIO, born out of Sony notebook computers, officially announced the latest VAIO Z 2021 flagship lightweight notebook. It is equipped with Intel’s 11th generation Core H35 processor and uses a 14-inch 4K HDR display that covers 99.8% of the DCI-P3 color gamut. , Support adaptive refresh rate.

In addition, the machine also provides an advanced version (VAIO Z SIGNATURE EDITION), with a black signature, available in “Signature Black” and carbon black two colors. Among them, “Signature Black” has carbon fiber texture, while ordinary carbon black is similar to bright black.

This notebook computer is made of carbon fiber material, declared as “the world’s first three-dimensional molded full carbon fiber body”, has an extremely advanced composite carbon fiber bending process, and successfully passed the military durability test, 127 cm height without drop hinder.

The machine also has a hidden engraved keyboard and a redesigned shaft that can be opened directly by 180 degrees. It also has a hidden long-keystroke engraving keyboard and a large touchpad. It adopts a low-noise design, supports 5G networks, and uses a 2.07 million pixel front camera and stereo array microphone.

In terms of performance, the machine can choose up to Intel standard voltage Core i7-11375H, the maximum core frequency is up to 5GHz, and it uses a cooling system with dual fans and three heat pipes for heat dissipation. Use PCIe4.0 SSD, read and write more than 6GB/s, from 8GB+256GB to 32GB+2TB, provide a variety of specifications to choose from.

In addition, the machine has a built-in 53Wh battery, supports 65W PD fast charge, up to 34 hours of battery life, provides dual USB-C ports (support Thunderbolt 4), HDMI, 3.5 mm headphone jack, new power supply fingerprint recognition combo, Windows Hello people Face login, add a human body sensor, automatically unlock when you are in front of the computer, and automatically lock when you leave.

VAIO Z 2021 is currently available for pre-sale on The 16G+1T version is 26888 yuan, and the 32G+2T version is 29888 yuan.

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