Tien Linh congratulated the goal against Hanoi, helping Binh Duong to win all three points at Hang Day Stadium.  Photo: Lam Tho.

V-League 2021 – the toughest season in history?

Neither the defending champion Viettel nor the runner-up Hanoi FC have won, even scoring a goal after two games. The 2021 season seems to be flipping all predictions.

Normally, when the new season goes through two rounds, all statements are speculative. But V-League 2021 is different. The starting time is less than two months from the end of the 2020 season, in theory it is not enough to make a certain revolution in the gameplay, as well as the force fluctuation due to the very difficult conditions for foreign purchases. towel for Covid-19. Typically the case of Lee Nguyen with only two days of gathering with the HCM City club. Therefore, it cannot be said that Hanoi or Viettel weakens or loses inspiration to play. They remain the two biggest contenders for this season’s championship.

Based on the results of the first phase of the previous season, the situation is not that bad. Hanoi won only five games, lost three, but still ranked fourth to win the right to reach the top 8 in phase 1 of last season. This number of Viettel is six and three. Therefore, the goal of both teams in the remaining two rounds before the Lunar New Year holiday is not to lose any more.

Tien Linh congratulated the goal against Hanoi, helping Binh Duong to win all three points at Hang Day Stadium. Image: Lam Tho.

But, saying that doesn’t mean everything is fine. The opponents they face are not too strong, not to mention being able to kick at home. But both Hanoi and Viettel lost. The attack line of the two teams each scored 40 goals (20 goals each) in the first period last season, so far only one goal has been earned.

The first two rounds saw a significant reduction in the number of goals. Round 1 only 12 goals, round 2 increased to 15 goals, but there were five goals in a “crazy” match between two teams that had three points in the opening match, Hai Phong and Nam Dinh. Thus, after 14 matches, there are only 27 goals, averaging less than two goals per game. There are six out of 14 games that ended 1-0, just two games where the score was two goals or more. Look at those numbers to see that winning the V-League 2021 is really difficult when all teams put their “survival” goals first, ready to destroy the opponent’s playing style, even accept themselves. also cannot win.

Take the battle of Binh Dinh – Saigon as an example. This match, Binh Dinh kicked in Nha Trang Stadium, which meant there was no advantage at all. The whole game, they only shot in the right direction once and scored one goal. But the important thing is that they let Saigon shoot nine times without ever posing a danger. In theory, Saigon is a champion candidate and Binh Dinh is just a rookie, but with only tactical solutions, coach Nguyen Duc Thang has pulled as close to the level between the two teams as possible. Another example is the battle of Thanh Hóa with champion Viettel. During the 90 minutes, the players on both sides released only eight shots. Left, the two teams spend more time in dispute situations, stopping each other than looking upwards to find a goal. The match ended 0-0, reflecting exactly what happened on the pitch and the harshness of the V-League this season.

Therefore, things are not so bad, but Hanoi and Viettel are facing difficulties that are not easy to solve. Want to enter the top 6 racing championship stage II, they not only have to avoid losing more but also have to win as soon as possible. But neither opponent is comfortable. A team like Hanoi only scores one goal, which is a sign of being arrested. Hanoi needs more mutations from stars like Nguyen Quang Hai or midfielders’ entry into the penalty area. Meanwhile, Viettel’s problem is that there is no quality goal scorer on the attack when rookie Pedro lost his partner Geovanne as he was when he was kicking for Saigon FC.

These are the things that HAGL or Ho Chi Minh City have to improve their strength in the next rounds. People like Kiatisuk Senamuang or Cong Phuong have enough talent and inspiration to change the quality of the game in HAGL. Although the victory over SLNA 2-1 is somewhat lucky, overall, HAGL promises to be fresh. After two games, they launched 23 shots – the highest rate in the league. Attacking, kicking, and then scoring a goal, the morale will gradually improve.

Meanwhile, Lee Nguyen deserves the most attention in the next rounds. Volunteer to play, the star with the highest level in the V-League immediately showed leadership qualities. He moves little but chooses the perfect position. He does not participate much in offensive football but is still a play-maker that no other V-League team has. More importantly, Lee Nguyen also shows his influence when … “directing” his teammates to move and pass the ball. Sometimes, I thought he was a coach on the field.

Lee Nguyen’s influence in the short term has helped Ho Chi Minh City win its first victory. But it is also possible to create a conflict with coach Alexandre Polking if the two are not in the same way of the game. That is the problem for Ho Chi Minh City, a team that has enough strength to compete for the championship but has no stability in terms of expertise when in just five years there have been three foreign coaches with similar styles. difference.

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