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Using the hack, cheat software in PUBG Mobile VN, it may be "locked up for up to 10 years".

Recently, VNG – the publisher of the game PUBG Mobile VN is "storming" in Vietnam market has just announced that it will give 10-year nick to players who are caught cheating in the game, and give a long list of offending accounts.

Like many other survival games, PUBG Mobile is still facing cheating with third-party software, which makes true gamers lose the true experience and fairness in the game.

Although game developers have constantly released updates to fix bugs as well as offer extreme penalties for players, it has not been able to completely solve this painful situation. And in the latest move, the publisher VNG has issued a notice to players about the desire to "Build a clean and healthy PUBG MOBILE community".

Specifically, on the homepage of PUBG Mobile VN, publisher VNG writes:

“Ensuring a fair and healthy PUBG MOBILE environment for each player is always the most important task of the PUBG MOBILE VN development team. However, there is a part of players who want to create unfair advantages through fraudulent software, leading to causing negative experiences that adversely affect the entire gaming community. The bad actions of these players have seriously harmed PUBG MOBILE's gaming environment and we will not tolerate this problem. Our team is making every effort to quickly detect and eliminate players who cheat in the game.

Any player caught cheating in the game will be blocked 10 years of nick. If you suspect someone is cheating or using unauthorized third-party software while playing the game, you can use the in-game denunciation system to immediately alert us. We are committed to strengthening rigorous discipline for fraudulent practices to ensure a clean, healthy and balanced gaming environment where every player can confidently win with their own skills. my energy and effort. ”

Sforum - Latest technology information page thong-bao-VNG-2 Using software hack, cheat in PUBG Mobile VN may be

Besides the announcement, VNG also issued a list of 10-year locked accounts due to fraud:

Account ID:

  • 5419082 *** 李 艺 璇 ***
  • 5481121 *** 墨 卿 ***
  • 6437553 *** фX ・ Mirac ***
  • 5312236 *** 城管 执法 ***
  • 5347274 *** 69 ๛ SHA ***
  • 5479767 *** Faisal٠ ***
  • 5478966 *** NgocLan1 ***
  • 5481685 *** Ban ***
  • 5478154 *** Hacker ***
  • 5481868 *** karthik ***
  • 5314163 *** alis1 ***
  • 5478108 *** abine ***
  • 5478519 *** Yamra ***
  • 5482549 *** KillT ***
  • 5478480 *** Koream ***
  • 5481379 *** Jhony ***
  • 5450533 *** ぬ つ す ***
  • 5465684 *** 七 念 ***
  • 5481066 *** Father ***
  • 5482610 *** ght ***
  • 5476922 *** yamar ***
  • 5478485 *** Infini ***
  • 5482513 *** Daeng ***
  • 5479736 *** utrysd ***

Sforum - Latest technology information page thong-bao-VNG-1 Using software hack, cheat in PUBG Mobile VN may be

Thus, this is the first time VNG publisher officially voiced the problem of using hacking software, cheat in PUBG Mobile VN. And of course, the list of "beheaded" accounts above doesn't stop there. So, if you are one of those players who have such behavior, stop using the hack, cheat software before it's too late.

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