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Using the foot to control the entertainment screen on the plane, the young man was stoned by the netizens!

A male passenger used his foot to control the entertainment screen on the plane – this impolite and unsanitary action was recorded and shared on Twitter, making the online community unhappy. He was sitting in a chair near the partition and instead of leaning over to use the hand to control the entertainment screen, he used his legs very naturally. The video recorded by a female passenger sitting nearby and asking you to share has received over 5,000 comments and 9 million views. Many argue that this man may be disabled, unable to move his hand. However, the owner of the video confirmed: "I saw him go up and leave the plane, hand baggage. He simply liked watching TV with bare feet." The identity of the impolite youth and this hygienist is still unknown.

In fact, "barefoot" is the source of controversy on the plane where the space for each person is limited. You must have seen the person behind behind sticking out his foot, kicking the back of the chair or "stinking". However, the use of bare feet to control the entertainment screen must have never been.

Why does he act like that?

I often choose a seat near the bulkhead seat on long-haul flights because it simply has a wider legroom, in front of a bulkhead instead of another row of seats, from which to go in and out also more comfortable. Usually the entertainment screen for this row of seats will be integrated into the seat and opened like a dining table or hung in front, on a partition like an airplane in a video. With this design, to control the screen, you have to reach quite far, not pleasant if you have to install a seatbelt. So I think he is lazy and feels uncomfortable, so he acted like that.

However, this is an inappropriate behavior in crowded places and especially on airplanes, what if the next passenger knows they are using a "stinking" screen? Aircraft specially operated with large frequencies into seats and surrounding things are not always hygienic.


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