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Using office (marketing, sales, operation, programming …) should I use MacBook?

In this article, I talk about the working needs of the "office", more specifically, you are marketing, sales, operating, programming and management. is not mentioning technical issues, editing certain movies or prosumer technical needs. This article will help relieve your question about what Mac can do and not do against a Windows-based machine, based on which you can be more confident about your purchase decision.

Things Mac does well

Just like Windows, Mac can accomplish lots of good things:

+ Text: Word for Mac is very good and almost full of Windows functions, I have heard some of you say that Word is less functional but in fact working, I don't have to touch these things ever so very clear. Do you know the details of the features that Word for Mac does not do as Windows side, comment to share with everyone, the rest it covers the yard.

+ Spreadsheet: Excel for Mac is also good, has macros, has a full formula, but keep in mind that when processing spreadsheets too large, 300,000 lines or more, Excel for Mac may be slow, even if you're using it. A very powerful machine is a 15-inch MacBook Pro, while it is brought to Windows, the file can run normally. If you do not often have to work with large files like this, then there is no need to worry, Mac will meet what you need. Install estimates for the project, plan, track spending, quote for customers … then Mac does it all.

+ Presentation: PowerPoint for Mac also has the ability to suggest smart slide layouts like Windows, with full effects and slideshow features so you don't have to freak out. Even the ability to embed files to play video or audio runs normally.

In addition to Word, Excel and PowerPoint, you can also use Google's very good Google Docs suite, meeting almost all the basic needs of office workers. They also have a sharing feature for many people to edit, view files and limit access rights for safety. Many companies now also use Google 's GSuite as an email, by default you can also use this Google Docs and save your files to Google Drive, never afraid of losing data even when the computer fails.

I hate Apple's iWork set, including Pages, Keynote and Numbers. They lack many features of Microsoft Office, the interface is also more strange so do not want to spend much time researching. The benefit of using these 3 apps is to create beautiful files : D

+ Programming: unless you code something specific to Windows, and what you can do with Win, the Mac can run, from app code to web or Java app. Code iOS and Android, of course, the Mac is delicious, Windows does not have delicious iOS app code unless you "hack" some things (but take time).

To be fair, Windows has some components of Linux lately, so setting up tools is much better than it used to be, especially DevOps tools, app and data libs, processing data management … This part of Windows and Mac I consider the same.

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+ Web based tools: A lot of the company's tools are now available on the web, you can use the Mac to use them fully, without missing any functionality. That is also the purpose of bringing to the web, you do not need to install anything on the machine, you do not have to care about your operating system is what, just have the browser run. Chrome also has a Mac version, so you can sync your result data without any problems.

As the companies I used to work through, all the tools from sales, marketing, dev, running … all run the web, only the accounting software is running the app on Windows.

Things Mac doesn't do well

+ Specific software: some software for accounting, finance, technical drawing software … only available for Windows, not available on Mac. If you want to run it on a Mac, you must install a Windows virtual machine or install Windows as a second operating system.

If it is used for a long time, it's okay, but using it regularly is a bit extreme, not to mention that running a virtual machine usually consumes more battery power, while switching to Windows is a waste and the battery is worse than when you run a pure Mac .

Which software is specific to Windows, you probably already know, but I don't know all the contents of your work

+ Battery: Macs can use the battery for a full day's work, or high-profile models like the Pro line are half a day, but compared to some Windows laptops, Mac's battery life is not equal. There are Win machines I've seen running for 12 hours or more, while still maintaining a nice, light appearance.

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+ Some lines are broken: The MacBook Pro 2016 and 2017 may be broken, the ratio is unknown to Windows, but compared to other generations like 2018 or 2015 and earlier, the error I see more. The most common error is that the keyboard is stuck or cannot be typed, this Apple has a free warranty even if your machine has expired warranty but it takes time to go back and forth. If the error is light, just change the key, but if the error is heavy, you have to leave it to replace the chassis.

I also have some friends around who are using MacBook Air 2018, MacBook Air 2015, and I also have 1 Mac Mini without any errors, very smooth usage. If you buy it, buy the 2016 MacBook 12 and later, MacBook Pro 2018 or later MacBook Air 2018 back later.

+ High price : D Sure, MacBook's overall ground is more expensive than Windows laptops with the same configuration. However, it should be noted that good Windows laptops with good build quality, stable configuration, long battery life are not cheap, with good build quality and good design, Windows laptops are also expensive at no less than the MacBook.

Please ask questions, and if you have any comments, share more about whether the office people should use Mac, please comment.

Duy Luân

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