Using MKVToolnix to join video simply and quickly

Using MKVToolnix to join video simply and quickly

In the previous articles, ElectrodealPro introduced to you some software used to join videos, music … In this article we will introduce you how to use MKVToolnix to connect video simply and fast.

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When you need to join multiple videos together you can Download Format Factory It is a fairly diverse support software from converting video formats to images … besides Boilsoft Video Joiner is also appreciated, as introduced from the beginning of this article will guide you to use MKVToolnix to join video. As a versatile tool it can add movie subtitles, split mp3, convert formats, split video … perhaps only at that frequency you can also imagine a part of its “power”.

MKVToolnix User Guide to join video simply and quickly

Step 1: Download and install the software
Download MKVToolnix
After downloading, install it normally. Figure below is the interface of MKVToolnix when the installation is complete.

Fastest video streaming

Step 2: Select the videos to pinch.
The videos to join are usually small, so select them and put them in a separate folder.
– From the card Inputyou press add.
– Dialog box Choose an input file to add appears, select the video files you want to join then click Open.

the most simple video collage

Step 3: Start muxing
After you have added the video files you want to join, we should double-check that they are enough at the Input file section. The Tracks, chapters and tags section shows information about videos, formats, parts … you don’t pay much attention to this section because above we have selected the video order so you don’t need to pay attention to this section leave them as default.
Output filename: Here is the output path of the file after it is connected. By default, it will output right in the import directory. This saves you from having to find or modify them, which should be left as default.
– Press Start muxing to start joining the video.

strong video collage

Wait for them to finish joining the video
– Choose Open Folder to open the save location or OK to perform other functions.

As introduced MKVToolnix has a simple interface and a simple way to do it, the speed of joining is quite fast, when the file is exported as MKV

There are many MKV file readers you can use KMPlayer is favorite video or audio player FLV Media Player to enjoy the videos linked together without having to next them every time. With FLV Media Player you can also Watch TV Online after hours of studying and working stressful. Wishing you a successful video join!


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