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Using ARM chip (A14X Bionic), 16GB RAM, 20 hours battery

( 12 inch Macbook will make us go from surprise to surprise.

The new generation 12-inch Macbook will use the A14X Bionic chipset, developed by Apple with an ARM processor. Although this chipset will be used on the iPad, it still meets the 12-inch Macbook line with strong performance and high mobility. A14X Bionic with 5nm development process, 12-inch Macbook will certainly overcome the disadvantages of the old version, enough cooling without the need for other cooling components.

Besides, the 12-inch Macbook also has the following options on RAM or internal memory:

With the use of ARM VXL, Apple’s chipset will be powerful and support a very high battery life, from 15 ~ 20 hours, far superior to the current Macbook models only 8 ~ 10 hours.

The source also shared more, the 12-inch Macbook will still use the butterfly keyboard (Butterfly) and Facetime 720p camera, only a single USB-C port, weighing less than 1kg.

The price of the 12-inch Macbook will be about 799 USD for the standard version (~ 18.5 million).


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