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Using Apple's Memoji to advertise, Xiaomi said it was a mistake

Xiaomi's new Mimoji feature launched not too long ago, now has a lot of controversy after a Weibo user posts an article about Mimoji ads on the homepage for Mi CC9 smartphone on the JD e-commerce platform. .com and Suning are related to Memoji and Apple Music.

Responding to this problem, Xiaomi's Public Relations Manager responded in a comment on Weibo that the confusion on the e-commerce site was due to employees "posting the wrong content". Currently the company is facing a lot of skepticism after introducing the Mi CC9, which has a built-in Mimoji feature. Many users of social networks and technology sites have pointed out a series of similarities of the face on Apple's Mimoji and Memoji.

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This is not the first time Xiaomi has been condemned to imitate Apple. According to Vanity Fair, leading the Apple design field – Jony Ive pointed out this point at a conference: "You spent 7, 8 years working and creating something, and then it was copied … I thought it was stolen and lazy ".

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In fact, no matter how Mimoji is, there is no legal problem between Apple and Xiaomi in the future. Apple does not own the idea of ​​avatar ARs, in fact the Memoji brand does not belong to Apple's ownership, but to a lesser known technology company in Atlanta, Georgia, which filed a patent in April 2016. .

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